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The proposal to investigate the losses incurred by the partners due to the decisions taken by the management in CHP, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives was rejected by the votes of AKP and MHP deputies. Speaking on behalf of the proposal owners and CHP Group, Edirne Deputy Assoc. Dr. Okan Gaytancıoğlu said, “The AKP has almost collapsed into Agricultural Credit in recent years.”

Expressing that the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives are the most important organization of our Farmer, Assoc. Dr. Gaytancıoğlu said in his speech:
“It’s roots go back to the Ottoman Empire, but Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk gave so much importance that he became the number 1 partner by petitioning. We brought the Agricultural Credit Cooperative to one out of every 3 villages. The farmer was very satisfied at the time. Why? He bought fertilizer, took medicine, bought seeds, bought diesel, had it written on a loan, paid the harvest time, and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives began to grow, as he was his closest neighbor or best friend. He established fertilizer factories, pharmaceutical factories, feed factories, seed plants, irrigation systems, everything; acquired a lot of real estate, lands, assets.

Then the AKP came to power. In the first years of AKP rule, for some reason, these assets of Agricultural Credit did not attract much attention because there is TÜPRAŞ, there is TELEKOM, there are ports, there are banks, there are insurance companies. You were immersed in these, you turned to the concrete economy, then, for some reason, this water ran out, it was time for Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. ‘Oh, there is a gem here. Let’s appoint our supporters here, let’s appoint our men.’ you said. In fact, someone you appointed sent a message to the farmers in the referendum and did not say: Come, buy cheap fertilizer with us. ‘There is a referendum tomorrow, vote “yes”.’ said. You appointed such administrators here. AKP has almost collapsed into Agricultural Credit in recent years.

There are real estate reports, look, there is a report here, I will share it with the press; He says: Tarım Kredi has a land in Ankara. You can build a 6-storey block, the value of which is over 1 billion, but you have appraised 473 million liras, you did not even get this figure.

When the local elections came, you opened sales shops and tents in the squares of metropolitan cities in 2019, all of them lost. What are you selling in the markets now? Look, this is Canadian lentils, Canada says here, you imported it from Canada; You finished the red lentil producer in Mardin, Urfa, you are making money for the Canadian farmer. I accidentally showed Greek rice yesterday, it is sold in Edirne; Edirne is our biggest producer region.

First, a former AKP deputy, that is, the last term’s General Manager was first an AKP deputy, and the current General Manager is a person who transfers the resources that Ziraat Bank should transfer to the farmer, to the tube shop. You opened Agricultural Credit markets, they make a lot of loss. We ask: How much damage do they cause? You don’t say. O Turkish farmer, AKP is robbing you with its price policies, it is robbing you with imports at harvest time, it is robbing your Agricultural Credit Cooperatives by emptying them.

Look, we haven’t come to the main point, the main issue is that they sold the HEKTAŞ pharmaceutical company, which is a subsidiary in OYAK and shares in Agricultural Credit – they have shares for fifty years – for 1.1 billion liras, for some reason they needed money. When? In August. For some reason, the company suddenly became profitable, it became 3.7 billion liras, so you usurped the farmer’s 2.6 billion liras. If Borsa Istanbul had been sold gradually, the farmer would have made money here, there is no such profit anywhere in three months. What happened is that the shares that were never sold started to be sold when this General Manager came and gave tasks to Tarım Kredi.

AKP Chairman ‘We will increase the number of these markets.’ he says, he does not tell from where these losses are met, and the farmer’s outgoing money. Explain the losses of Agricultural Credit markets. We know more or less the loss of Agricultural Credit, there is talk of 30 billion liras. This is our farmer’s money that was stolen.

There is one more issue, we have experienced this before, GÜBRETAŞ. GÜBRETAŞ also has a field in Bilecik Söğüt, gold came out from here, a gold mine, it is said to be 6-7 billion dollars. Then you had a friend, FETO. You bought it from FETO, gave it to the asset company, and for some reason, a relative of your former general manager started to collect GÜBRETAŞ shares from the stock market, and this increased as they collected it. So whose money is it? The farmer’s. We ask for these moneys, you do not answer our motions.

Agricultural Credit, which was once farmer-friendly, has become the institution that sells fertilizer at the highest price in the market, despite being a fertilizer factory these days. Although it is a fertilizer factory, it is able to produce 20.20.0 fertilizers, and buys fertilizer from the fertilizer company established by Cengiz İnşaat. In other words, whether we set up a commission today or if you can’t, we will examine everything about you with the investigation commission in four months.”

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