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In order to ensure price stability in the domestic markets, the customs duties applied at the rates of 34 percent, 36 percent and 45 percent, respectively, on paddy, brown rice and rice imports were reset until 31 August 2023. Stating that paddy producers in Turkey have products in their hands, CHP Edirne Deputy Assoc. Dr. Okan Gaytancıoğlu stated that the producers will suffer due to the reduction of taxation to zero.

In the Official Gazette published with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in order to ensure price stability in the domestic market, the customs duties applied at the rates of 34 percent, 36 percent and 45 percent, respectively, on paddy, brown rice and rice imports were reset until 31 August 2023.

Making statements about the change in taxation, CHP Edirne Deputy Okan Gaytancıoğlu said that the drought affected the production in Turkey and in the world. Stating that the assets of the producers decreased due to the low productivity, Gaytancıoğlu said:
“This was a paddy field. Rice is a plant that grows in water, it is produced in very difficult conditions and the drought has affected the world this year. Due to the policies implemented in Turkey for the last two years, paddy producers have suffered a lot. This year, 250 thousand decares were less planted, so the prices increased a little. This situation is very pleasing, but when it comes to the government, customs duties have been reset as of today. Customs duty on paddy is 34 percent, processed rice is 45 percent. Now we will import, although we know that the producer still has some paddy. Let the prices rise a little more, let our producer win. Consumers suffer from the price of rice in the markets, but it is a shame and a sin to import rice from other countries and impose zero customs duty, while it is necessary to regulate it with the policies to be regulated by the government and income-increasing policies. Production takes place in difficult conditions. It grows in water, there are snakes and frogs on the ground. There are flies and insects above. Paddy is a very difficult plant to grow, and when the yield is low, the entire property of the producer can be lost. Therefore, care must be taken. It is very appropriate to apply customs duties as 34 percent and 45 percent in the current situation, not as zero. With the decree announced today, the government wants to take this business with zero customs duty until August. This is extremely wrong.”

Expressing that it was a decision taken to prevent the increase in paddy prices in the domestic market, TMMOB Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Edirne Provincial Representative Erdoğan Yanılmaz said that it was a decision that would protect the consumer. Stating that the producers will be adversely affected by the decision, Yanılmaz said, “Our farmers still have paddy in their hands. But it does not want to put it on the market. It is a decision taken in order to prevent the increase in prices in the domestic market. For example, there are still high amounts of cameo paddy in the warehouses of some of our big producers, and our producers, who do not put them on the market at around 16 TL per season, can sell this type of paddy at prices of around 20 TL these days. This decision is also a blow to the farmer in order to protect the consumer. The price of cameo rice, which I mentioned above, decreased from 20 Turkish liras to 16.5 – 17 Turkish liras with the zeroing of customs duties. Our big farmers still have products in their warehouses and our big producers, who do not have any debt for their products, do not want to give the market because there is an expectation of price increase.”

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