Gençoğlu pointed to April 2, ‘call for unity and solidarity’

Honorary President of BAL-GÖÇ, BGF and BRTK Turhan Gencogluto be held on April 2 Bulgaria Early General Parliament He called for unity by drawing attention to his elections.

HONEY MIGRATION, Balkan Turks Immigrant and Refugee Associations Federation (BGF) and Balkan Rumelia Turhan Gençoğlu, Honorary President of the Turkish Confederation, Kardzhali Mayor Hasan Azis, Municipality of Kardzhali Speaker of the Assembly Yusein Veliaydin Ahmed, HÖH Kardzhali District President Latif Rasim and his accompanying delegation Bursahosted in . In his speech on the visit, Gençoğlu reminded the Bulgarian Early General Parliamentary Elections to be held on April 2 and said, “There is a very important election in Bulgaria, which is our neighbor, friend and common interest, in April. This election is for both our brothers living there, TurkeyIt is a very important choice for our brothers and sisters living in Turkey and for the children of all of us. There have been many elections lately, yes we are tired. But what difficult days we have seen, where we have passed. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to prepare the necessary infrastructure and complete our preparations by giving due importance to these elections,” he said.

Reiterating his call for unity before the election, Gençoğlu said, “By acting as a whole, I hope we will provide our brothers in the Rights and Freedom Party with the votes that will make them a power partner in these elections in the best way possible, and hopefully we will achieve the success we desire. These elections are very important for our country. I hope that our biggest goal is to achieve the results we desire in these elections, by ensuring the necessary participation and acting in unity, in the best way. ‘ he said.

Pointing out that this pre-election visit, which is closely related to our compatriots in Bulgaria, is very valuable, Turhan Gençoğlu said, “It is a great pleasure for us to see our very valuable brothers from Bulgaria, who are our meat and nails, among us today. Kardzhali Mayor Hasan Azis and the accompanying delegation are very valuable to us. “We are very honored to host them here,” he said.

Gençoğlu, who stated that the Kardzhali delegation, who visited Bursa, carried out important works regarding the election on April 2, said, “I wish success in these studies. We hope that the desired participation will be achieved in the best way with these efforts. I hope that these elections will conduce to good luck for all of us, our neighbor Bulgaria. I hope,” he said.

Turhan Gençoğlu conveyed his condolences for the earthquakes that affected 11 provinces and killed more than 44 thousand people and said, “I thank our brothers and sisters who passed away in this earthquake. AllahI wish you mercy. My condolences to their families. I pray to Allah Almighty that our wounded brothers and sisters regain their former health as soon as possible.”

Mayor of Kardzhali, Hasan Azis, said, “We want Turkey to know that we are with her in difficult times. We also go to Bursa, Thrace, to be with our brothers. İstanbulto and İzmirWe wanted to come to Turkey and share the pain of our citizens. Our children in Kardzhali also organized a campaign for their siblings who were affected by this tragic event. As the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, we have mobilized with our mayors, party administrations and citizens throughout Bulgaria since the first day of the earthquake, and we have delivered the aid we collected to the regions experiencing difficult times.

Drawing attention to the upcoming elections, Azis said, “As the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, we say that we are a candidate to lead the government in the upcoming elections. But the job does not end with being a candidate. We have to say this with confidence. As the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, we can achieve our goal with the support of our citizens in Bulgaria and Turkey. ‘ he said. – BURSA

Son Dika Politics Gençoğlu pointed to April 2, made a ‘call for unity and solidarity’ – Last Minute

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