Giant company Samsung changed its name! New name announced

Technology company One of the most popular technology companies as of 2023. The South Korean company has a wide range of products from smartphones to household products. Recently, there has been an important development regarding the technology company. decided to change its name in a country and rebranded it.

New name announced!

Companymaking a critical decision in 2015 japan market in particular, he changed his name and instead ”Galaxy” started using his name. The reason for this decision is that the South Korean company sees Japan as one of the most difficult markets to enter. At this point, the name was removed from the products to be sold in the country, and the company’s successful brand replaced it. Galaxy’name has been added. Company, 2015 ila 2023 It operated in Japan with its brand name, not its main name.

In the statement they made at that time, the officials explained the relevant decision as being more in line with the special demands of the market. According to the latest information, the company has decided to go back to the past and has recently started using the name in Japan.

February 28 It has started to use the name again in its online store and social media platforms. At this point, it is sold in the country Galaxy S23 After the series decision Galaxy S23” rebranded as. In addition, Galaxy customer service has been changed to customer service. In short, Japan is on par with the rest of the world in terms of the name.

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