Giant step for artificial intelligence from Microsoft!

A leak published in The Verge in February, ’un He suggested that it could offer artificial intelligence-equipped versions of 365 applications such as Outlook and Word. Its exact functions are unknown, but The Information, It claims that Outlook can use artificial intelligence to improve search results and suggest email replies. Meanwhile Word can also make suggestions for writing through artificial intelligence.

The company is rolling out some enterprise-focused AI features today. Dynamics 365 ve live sales now has an AI “Copilot” that helps respond to customer chats and emails, summarize Teams meetings, and explore marketing data. These are rumored to be an existing 365 features that could take advantage of the Prometheus AI model used at Bing. Azure Open AI based on service.

Giant step for artificial intelligence from !

The expansion won’t come as a surprise. has been using artificial intelligence for a while. Teams It integrates services such as OpenAI’ye is investing. Recently, it was reportedly worth $10 billion and ’s OpenAI has committed to a year-long financing deal that will see it host cloud services. The company is in the race to establish itself as an AI leader, and the event will likely support this strategy.

There is a lot of competitive pressure on the company. other companies, OpenAI’s ChatGPT here directly into their products. Meanwhile , Amid concerns that AI could pose a threat to essential search business, Bard ChatGPT introduced as equivalent. An expanded use of AI could theoretically help fend off competitors and take an early lead in the use of emerging technology.

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