Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa Sentop, KashanAfter passing to the city center, Governor H. Kursat KirbiyikHe visited Selimiye Mosque in his office and examined the Selimiye Mosque, which is under restoration. Later, Şentop opened the ‘Museum of Turkish States Established in History’, ‘Museum of Ottoman Sultans’, ‘Padisah Tent Museum’ and ‘Museum of Ottoman Artifacts in the Balkans’ in Ekmekçizade Caravanserai. Edirne‘do TurkeyŞentop, who said that they came to seal as one of the culture’s leading cities, said, “Both Bulgaria‘a hem GreeceEdirne, which is our gateway to Europe due to its border connection to Turkey, will be known as the ‘City of Museums’ as of today and will be a cultural center for the Balkans, I hope. From 1363 to 1453 that is İstanbulI am happy to be present at the opening of four museums that will befit our Edirne, the place of Selimiye, the capital of the Ottoman state until the blessed conquest of Turkey, the masterpiece of Sinan and the epitome of elegance. Edirne, which will also have a Natural History Museum today, will be a cultural basin with a total of 12 museums. Thrace RegionIt will maintain the title of the most important tourism resort of Turkey,” he said.


Şentop stated that Ekmekçizade Caravanserai preserves the vitality of a great and ancient history dating from the very beginning of the 1600s to the present, and said, “With the restoration of Ekmekçizade Caravanserai, it will become the representative of ‘the horse with its roots in the past’. Our museums city Edirne is the vibrant city of Thrace. Its face will also be the center of attraction for the Balkans.The great Turkish state, which has implemented a total of four different museums designed with the themes ‘Museum of Turkish States Established in History’, ‘Museum of Ottoman Sultans’, ‘Padisah Tent Museum’ and ‘Museum of Ottoman Artifacts in the Balkans’, built with the latest , It is the protector of culture and art. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my brothers and sisters who have designed the Ekmekçizade Caravanserai with a brand new look and four museums to revive the memory of thousands of years of glorious Turkish history, and to all my brothers and sisters who have worked hard from the idea stage to the construction stage. museums to our country, people of Edirne, art I pray to Almighty Allah to bring blessings to all. In fact, it has been one of the works that befits the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We are proud,” he said.


In the ‘Museum of Turkish States Established in History’, which is the first of the four museums, belongs to our history; 16 Turkish states in history with their symbols of sovereignty, Turkish Khagans and cultural heritage items and Republic of Turkeyfounder of Mustafa Kemal AtatürkŞentop stated that there are silicone sculptures of the Ottoman Sultan in the “Museum of Ottoman Sultans”, silicon sculptures of 36 Ottoman sultans, information boards from the Ottoman period, and the residence places of Otağ-ı Hümayun, that is, the Ottoman sultans outside the palace, in the “Padişah Tent Museum”. has been revived. In the fourth and last part, in the ‘Museum of Ottoman Artifacts in the Balkans’, there is an exhibition of miniature-size copies of 32 artifacts from the Ottoman period in the Balkans. The precious Ottoman artifacts in the Balkans, which we call his son Fatihan and who are the source of my ancestry, may be the beginning of new curiosity for our brothers visiting this museum. Because every Anatolian Turk desires to follow his cognates in the Balkans and the horse traces of the Ottomans. Rumelia The hearts of the Turks also beat in Anatolia. I hope Rumeli and Anatolia will meet in Edirne,” he said.

The world date; Şentop said, “Turkish history dating back millennia cannot be written without addressing the written and oral adventures of our dynamic nation.” At this point, I would like to share a historical anecdote with you. early 19th century Russia near the borders Mongolia accidentally found around Gokturk Our inscriptions could not be determined to which nation they belonged for many years by the scientific committee formed by Western researchers. Representative scientists in the delegation have the effort and desire to prove that the inscriptions belong to them. Russian working day and night North Europe Aside from the desire to own the inscriptions, many Western scientists have thought of every nation, but never even thought of the Turks. Because they have a prejudiced attitude towards Turks. When Danish scientist Thomsen accidentally deciphers the word ‘Turk’ in the Göktürk Inscriptions, it turns out that these inscriptions belong to Turks. The Western world lives in silence for a long time. Hani They say that the Turks made history but did not have time to write it. Our ancestors made a contribution to world history and even showed that they had a developed literary language with Göktürk inscriptions and their own alphabet, thus they declared that they also contributed to the world cultural civilization. We learned that these inscriptions recorded Turkish history until fifteen centuries ago, and that they also recorded the history of our ancestors. Request Middle Asia from the steppes to Europe, Anatolia and Africaextending to; In the words of the late Demirel, ‘from the Adriatic’ the Great Wall of ChinaIn our museum complex, ink from four different museums, which are handled in a contemporary design with the adventure of the Turks and the historical, cultural and architectural details of our nation spanning continents, history makes its ‘official gateway’. It also houses the Edirne State Theater Stage.


Telling the history of Ekmekçizade Caravanserai, Şentop said, “Four centuries ago Silk RoadWelcoming its guests from Turkey in this geography, the caravanserai will act as a bridge with the spirit of the old and will bestow new inspirations for today’s modern people in this historical place. Because museums are sources of memory where humanity discovers and develops their identities and beautifies their souls and spiritual selves with a sense of belonging to a society. Museums are very important learning centers and regular or irregular educational resources for people of all ages, places that increase the quality of life. Observing these four museums; Our students at primary, secondary and high school levels will observe what is taught in their books and lessons as if they are alive, compare historical periods and visualize a monolithic history in their minds. Considering the fact that visual learning prevents forgetting, the information learned at school will be reinforced in the museum in a practical way. I believe that Edirne museums, which contain opportunities as an educational environment, will be a tool of educational cooperation, especially for our teachers at every school level. Museums; It should be used effectively as a practice school for the education of culture, art, history, and other fields. Museums, which transfer the memories of societies to places, are the most important cultural heritages that we will leave to our children, who are the trustees of our future.


Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, was later found in Karaağaç Neighborhood. University of Trakya He opened the ‘Trakya University Natural History Museum’ at Karaağaç Campus, Faculty of Fine Arts. Şentop said, “Trakya University, the face of our flourishing city of Edirne, which served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for about a hundred years from 1363 to the conquest of Istanbul, is one of our educational institutions that determines its direction by taking into account the geographical location of Edirne and acts meticulously. The neighbor of the Balkans, Europe. We are proud of Trakya University, which has made its way with this understanding as our gateway to Turkey. With the newly completed restoration of Ekmekçizade Caravanserai, which was built at the beginning of the 16th century, we opened four different museums with different themes. Currently, the ‘Natural History Museum’ is the fifth museum in one day. Edirne, which we opened, has become a cultural basin with a total of 12 museums.We can easily call Edirne ‘the city of museums’ now. To make Edirne commemorated with cultural activities that befit the 100th anniversary of our Republic, Edirne is our border gate opening to Europe. will continue to be one of the favorite cities of domestic and foreign tourism. “As you know, nature and all elements of nature have an evolutionary cycle due to changing natural conditions,” said Şentop. Another function of museums emerges. If we look at this point, nature museums have a special value in terms of protecting species. Considering that museums contribute to education by seeing, develop people of all ages and open their horizons, this type of museums; education, lessons, even scientists. Natural History Museum is a place for our primary, secondary and high school students where they can see the reality of the things they see in the books, watch the documentaries and learn in the lessons. is It will ensure that the information learned at school will be examined in the museum in a practical way, by hand, and will be permanent in the memory. I sincerely believe that not only the Natural History Museum, but all museums in Edirne will be an educational collaboration tool for our teachers at all levels, with the same awareness. Our Edirne, which has 12 museums; It is a very special city to be used effectively as a practice school for the education of culture, art, history, and other fields. -contains 1923 specimens of a total of 754 species belonging to insects, molluscs, plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. There are also species collected from different regions of our country in the ‘Natural History Museum’. In the warehouses of the Department of Biology of Trakya University, in order to provide services to international researchers and to support the content of living museums; There are environments where thousands of insect material, insect species, skeletons and stuffed vertebrate specimens can be stored, as well as international dried plant specimens.”DHA)

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