Google accused of deleting chat evidence in antitrust lawsuit

, DOJ and is grappling with not just one, but several antitrust lawsuits filed by state groups. This particular case concerns the department’s lawsuit in 2020 for “unlawfully maintaining a monopoly” around search and search-related advertising.

DOJ In the dossier, the company’s employees usually have every chance to discuss “important and sensitive work”. in 24 hours said they use their internal chat room set to delete a history. Apparently, the agency said the company “reasonably awaits litigation”. in 2019 expected it to change the chat history setting, but the decision is left to individual employees. Only a few people said they found their chat history relevant to the case and kept it for court, but even after the lawsuit was filed, many continued to delete their chats.

accused of deleting chat evidence in antitrust lawsuit

Nevertheless, ’s to the government already to suspend automatic deletion in the chat tool “legal One hold The DOJ alleges that the company’s claim was a lie and that it actually stopped deleting their chat history only this week after the agency was warned that it would sue for sanctions. It will now require the court to rule that has violated a federal rule and determine how the company will be sanctioned. He asks her to order a trial. DOJ also asks the court to order to provide more information about chat apps.

However , DOJ denies the allegations. a spokesperson The Wall Street He told the Journal: “Our teams have worked conscientiously for years to respond to investigations and lawsuits. In fact, we’ve produced over 4 million documents in this case alone and millions more have been handed out to regulators around the world.”

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