Google didn’t forget March 8, International Women’s Day

, March 8, International Women’s Day He did not neglect to prepare a special doodle for him. The doodle shared as “2023 International Women’s Day” will be used in place of the logo for one day globally.

To commemorate the special days of the countries every year doodle‘s prepared by , finally March 8, International Women’s DayHe didn’t forget. The new design by the company draws attention to the way women support each other.

Google did not forget March 8, International Women's Day - Image : 1

International Women’s Day‘s theme this year was “women supporting women”. In the doodle, instead of each letter of the logo, there is a woman working in different fields. It highlights the way women around the world come together to improve each other’s lives.

Doodlethe illustrator of Alyssa WinansShe said she was grateful to be supported by the other women in her life. This year’s doodle “broad, complex, nuanced and powerful” She said she designed it on the concept of femininity.

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