Google enters the used car advertisement business!

Technology , one of the most important brands in the world, continues to work in many different sectors from smartphones to wireless headphones, but the most important power of the company still comes from the search engine. , the undisputed most important and most used search engine in the world, market share continues to work to increase

When we look at the recent updates brought by , the common feature of many of them is that users find the answer to what they are looking for in the search engine. oriented it appears to be. In other words, the user who searches on any subject should be able to get the answer directly from instead of going to the website to see the result. That’s it with logic The search engine giant, which continues its development, will now apply this strategy for used vehicle advertisements.

enters the used advertisement business!

Firstly in the United States According to the new feature that will be implemented, it is now possible to advertise for used vehicles. searchers will be able to see used cars listed by dealerships near them and find their key features on the same page. In this way, they will only visit the site to look at the details of the vehicle they want and like.

Of course, here is a very important details there is. In order to appear in these search results, used vehicle companies will need to add these vehicles to their Business Profiles. Actually this in the United States extremely common practice. However, since such a situation does not exist in our country, it is highly doubtful whether the innovation in question will come to our country, and even if it does, it will break the hegemony of the known site.

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