Google is in trouble! The rebel flag has been raised!

Publishing a copy of the group’s statements at the press conference Meiji University According to Assistant Professor Ken Yamazaki, this is the first labor union in Japan. Employees apparently chose to organize out of fear that they might be fired abruptly, especially since some of them were in Japan on a work visa.

Their concerns were raised by the tech giant in January. worldwide It was due to announcing that it would lay off 12,000 people (which is 6% of the company’s total workforce). that their colleagues in the US were fired in just one midnight email, and japanese office they also said that their employees have been waiting anxiously for the past few weeks. Workers, they joined a labor union in response to this announcement and news about the fate of the company’s employees in other countries.

is in trouble! The rebel flag has been raised!

of a layoff in japan To be legal, a company must demonstrate that it has reasonable grounds for firing an employee. However, some companies are laying off workers for no reason, claiming that they have problems with the worker. group, hopes that joining a union will protect them from sudden termination.

When announced it would lay off 12,000 workers, the Executive Board President Sundar Pichai He said he was “very sorry” and “takes full responsibility for the decisions that have brought the company here.” The tech giant has had a hiring spree over the past few years, but ’s this people face today He admitted that he was hiring for a different economic reality than we left it.”

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