Google is parting ways with 12 thousand people!

Alphabet, the parent company of the US-based giant , 12 thousand employees announced that he was preparing to part ways with The number of workers to be laid off accounts for more than 6 percent of Alphabet’s global workforce.

parent company Alphabet lays off 12,000 jobs

Sundar Pichai, CEO of and Alphabet, in an open letter published 12 bin of the person announced that it would be laid off on a global scale. According to Pichai’s statements, employees in the USA will be immediately affected by the situation.

However, due to local laws and practices for employees in other countries, the dismissal process may take longer.

Google 12 thousand people

With the giant laying off 12 thousand people, the global workforce from 6 percent surplus has decreased.

Pichai said, ‘The fact that these changes will impact the lives of Googlers weighs heavily on me, and I take full responsibility for the decisions that have brought us to this point.’ made a statement.

Other tech giants are also making layoffs

According to the reports, the wave of layoffs continues on a global scale due to economic conditions. owner of Meta ve Amazon has also made the decision to lay off on a large scale in recent weeks.


Finally, if has stated that it will part ways with its 10 thousand employees. According to a report by human resources, companies have accumulated in total since the beginning of 2022. Bind 190 It has laid off more workers.

In the future, other giants will also on this kind of scale It is stated by some sources that it is possible that he will make a decision to dismiss.

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