Google will bring a feature that users will love with Android 13!

Google, 13It continues to improve and bring new features. Thanks to the new feature, the company will allow users to edit shortcuts on the lock screen. Here are the details.

13 will offer personalization

Although the shortcuts on the lock screen in other versions offered by Google are familiar to you, unfortunately, these shortcuts in stock cannot be edited. However Google, He must have thought a lotLet’s give the controls on the lock screen to the users.” he said. Because the company aims to offer more customization options with 13.

Google will bring the feature that users will love with Android 13!

Screenshot from the developer version of 13

When we look at the screenshot, what will be used in personalization is hidden for now, but it is known that Google is working on it.

In the new version of Nothing OS, the shortcuts on the lock screen can be changed from the settings menu, but unfortunately this cannot be done in the ecosystem. (Except for ’s own interface) Google will change the way in which the shortcuts on the lock screen are activated with the new version. TwitterIt is possible to see this in the post shared by Dylan Roussel in .

Xiaomi In the interface, unfortunately, you cannot change these shortcuts as you want. You can only add certain options. MIUIA new feature is expected to be added in the future.

What do you think of the new customization options? Do not forget to specify in the comments.

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