Google’s new operating system Android 13 is slow but fast: It will hurt!

Android 13 maybe it seems to be updating slowly, but is quite hopeful about the new operating system. ‘s latest operating system seems to be off to a healthy start, thanks to its platform partners. Here are the details.

Android 13 starts to grow

Google’s latest chart showing the breakdown of Android versions by device has topped the list for the first time since it launched Android 13 last August. The company’s latest mobile operating system is already installed on more than five percent of Android phones. Android 12, on the other hand, has significantly increased its market share in the last five months.

Another thing to consider was that unlike the devices that uses for iPhones, does the same update as soon as Android phones are updated. Samsung ve Other manufacturers, such as, can update their systems sometimes early and sometimes late according to their own schedules, without being tied to Google.

Android 13 is coming with sure steps!

When Android 13 launched in August, it first made its way to Google’s Pixel phones. While Samsung released OneUI 5 based on Android 13 shortly after, , and other manufacturers also released phones that support Android 13 last year, helping the operating system grow relatively quickly.

Android 12 had 13.5 percent of the overall Android market share in the previous update, which was in August (just before the launch of Android 13). Since then, that number has increased to 18.9 percent, while has dropped from 27 percent to 24.4 percent. Versions 10 and 9 also continue to maintain substantial user bases.

The Android development team has rolled out a plethora of features and updates since the 13’s debut. Support for the popular Backbone One mobile controller came to Android late last year, and Google recently gave its first major overhaul to Android Auto. Also, Google and Windows have formed some partnerships to expand the connection between Android and Windows 11.

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