Governor Pehlivan: ‘Investments are exciting’

Myrtle governor Ali Hamza Wrestlerinforming that a total of 348 different projects were carried out in Mersin in 2022, “The financial value of these projects is approximately 53 billion TL. The number of projects completed in all conceivable fields from transportation to education, from health to youth sports is 108. For these projects, too. Approximately 13 billion TL has been spent,” he said.

Governor Pehlivan attended the ordinary general assembly gala of an association. In his speech in the program, he said that the year 2023 Turkey Pointing out that it was an important year for the Turkish Republic, Pehlivan said, “It is the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Republic and we are preparing for a new century. Of course, as we prepare for a new century, we all commemorate and remember the struggles fought one hundred years ago. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk As a result of the struggles under his leadership, our republic was proclaimed. We can say that there were two main topics in those days. One of them was the struggle for independence and the other was the struggle for the future. The struggle for independence was based on the understanding of full independence. The struggle for the future, on the other hand, was based on the understanding of the goal of rising above the level of contemporary civilizations. During the intervening hundred years, the struggle continued, and it still continues today. In every field, especially in terms of full independence, our struggles as a state within and beyond our borders in terms of ensuring complete and peace in our country, and in order to reach the goal of rising above that level of contemporary civilizations, it is implementing numerous investments in every field,” he said.

Noting that as the governor of the province, they closely follow the public investments in Mersin and try to be in close contact with all the sectors in which they operate, Pehlivan said, “In 2022, a total of 348 different projects were carried out in our province and the financial value of these projects is approximately 53 billion TL. From transportation to education, to health. The number of projects completed among these investments in all imaginable fields in youth sports is 108. Approximately 13 billion TL has been spent for these projects. I would like to express my gratitude to our President on behalf of our province for his support for the realization of these investments in our province. I would like to thank the institutions and organizations,” he said.

“Investments are exciting”

Expressing that they are excited by all the investments made, Pehlivan said, “First of all, Republic of Turkey As a citizen of our country, we are excited about the realization of these investments in every field as we move towards a new century. As a matter of fact, the world has gone through and is going through very important crises. Despite all the wheels turning, the continuation of production in our country, the increase in employment, the increase in raw material and commodity prices, the fact that the parameters remain at a positive level, despite the fact that there are problems in the supply and supply processes, has a positive effect on our province as in the rest of our country. As a matter of fact, last year, that is, in 2022, we reached 6 billion dollars with an increase of 45 percent in exports. This figure was realized by 2 thousand 230 companies in our province. Our total export figure at 4 customs gates in our province has reached 16 billion dollars. Around 19 billion dollars were imported. Our trade volume reached 35 billion dollars. In this context, our shower trade volume increased by 35 percent. In our country, the pandemic and afterwards Russia- Ukraine Of course, the incentives of our state and relevant ministries have a great role in overcoming the problems caused by the war. However, the share of you, valuable business people, that you continue to invest, continue production and provide employment is undoubtedly that big. We are very grateful to you.”

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Selects On the other hand, he stated that he was happy to be together with the business world and said that Mersin is a city that grows with the business world. Stating that the main fabric in the city’s history is trade, port and world trade, and that there are people who come to Mersin from different parts of Turkey and the world to work, Seçer said, “No one leaves their birthplace, homeland, hometown and comes to another city with their children. But everyone has come to Mersin, from the East, Southeast, Central Anatolia, Black Sea‘the, EgeFrom Thrace, from everywhere. It’s a good time, it’s good that it came. “It’s a colorful city,” he said.

“I consider myself the happiest mayor in the world”

Stating that the population in Mersin is increasing and he is not disturbed by this situation, Seçer pointed out that positive developments must be made for the increase of the population, and said, “There are positive investments. We are all aware of this and we are very happy to live in a city with high energy and abundance. I consider myself one of the happiest people in the world. “I consider him as the mayor. I am the mayor of such an exceptional city. I believe that Mersin has not been discovered. If this is the undiscovered state of Mersin, believe me, it would be enormous,” he said.

“This municipality is well managed, its fiscal discipline is very solid”

Pointing out that he faced a heavy debt burden when he took office, Seçer said, “But if I tell you the point we have come to, it would not be credible. We have a budget of approximately 15.5 billion TL in total, all subsidiaries and affiliates. In order to realize this budget, it is approximately 13-14 billion. “This is our prediction. So what is our debt? 3 billion 750 million TL, all of them included. There were also small borrowings during this period. Now I look at the budget I came to, I look at my income at that time, I look at the debt I took over, I came there is a debt of 3 billion TL.” Total. What is the income of this municipality? All of the money that came to us from here and there in 2019 is 2 billion 250 million TL. But today, as we enter 2023, I say that I have a budget of 15.5 billion TL, my income budget will be 13-14 billion liras,” he said.

Stating that they have solved the zoning problem of Mersin city center that has not been resolved for years, Seçer said, “We have solved the zoning problem of the center, which we could not solve for 20 years. Mezitli‘nin de New city‘in the TaurusWe also solved it. Mediterrenian important place, you all want it. There is no place to establish an industrial facility, there is no place to establish a logistics facility, we need energy storage areas, there is no place. We accepted all of their master plans in the Metropolitan Assembly. At this time many of the implementation plans were made. The 1/1000 units and the construction work are continuing rapidly,” he said.

The old Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi ElvanMersin deputies, district mayors and city protocol attended. – MERSIN

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