Great promise from Kılıçdaroğlu in Konya: We will make Akşehir a province

CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Konya AksehirHe participated in the Great Yörük Turkmen Meeting in . Kılıçdaroğlu made a remarkable promise here. Stating that Akşehir is a historical place, the CHP leader said that they will make the district a province.

Headlines from Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements:

Baba I’m in the quarry. Third visit to Akşehir. It’s impossible to come here and not get emotional. It is not an easy thing to see one’s own roots, not to forget them, and to be a person worthy of those roots. Legends are told by word of mouth. We listen to legends. They teach us truth. They teach us not to eat haram. They teach us to respect the right of the servant. They advise us to create a climate where everyone’s rights and the law are delivered. They teach us to respect not only humans but also every living thing created by the supreme creator. They say, ‘The wolf and the bird both have rights.’ I remember my late grandmother. Whatever stone the morning sun touched, he would go and kiss that stone. Again, I have never forgotten another tradition of my grandmother. On important days, oily bread was prepared. Niyaz would take his bread and put it on certain rocks because both the wolf and the bird had a right. So that they can come and eat. We came from such a tradition, such a culture.

Great promise from Kılıçdaroğlu in Konya: We will make Akşehir a province


Nomadic culture is not an ordinary culture. Turkmen culture is not an ordinary culture. This is an ancient culture that goes deep into history. Yes, it’s true, we’ve come a long way. We came from Mavera-ün Nehir, it is true. It is true that we came to Anatolian lands. But we have never forgotten the saints of Khorasan who taught us the truth. We have not forgotten our language, we have not forgotten our culture. We have not forgotten our traditions and customs. For this reason, the responsibility that history imposes on us, the culture we learned, our traditions; It is to pass it on to our generations, that is, to our children.

While we were supposed to be together, we took part in different parties from time to time. It’s true. This is also very natural. But what you call culture is not a party thing. What you call culture is the soul of a person. A person’s past is a person’s future. So culture is not an ordinary event. Culture is a life that can only be filtered from the depths of history to the present day and that we will carry forward from now on. Therefore, each of us has a historical responsibility.


Yes, each of us may have taken part in certain places. But today, each of us has a responsibility. Yes, my third visit to Akşehir. Consider Gazi Mustafa Kemal. SamsunIt went to. Amasyawent to Erzurumwent to Sivas He convened Congress. All of these provinces are currently provinces. Some are metropolitan. He came to Akşehir 22 times and worked here; Akşehir, the main headquarters of the National War of Independence… Others province. Why is Akşehir not a province? If you want history, Akşehir. Akşehir, the main headquarters of the war of independence. In other words, Akşehir is the campus of our culture. We will make a year. There is no right or left in this business. This thing has history. If you respect history, you will also respect Akşehir. If you know what the National War of Independence is, you will know Akşehir. The black box of our National War of Independence is Akşehir. Akşehir is the place where all decisions are taken.

Great promise from Kılıçdaroğlu in Konya: We will make Akşehir a province


Yes, my Yörük Turkmen brothers want to keep their culture alive. We also migrated. We went to the highlands. We were forbidden to cut down young oak trees. They used to teach, ‘This is younger, you won’t cut it’. They respected nature. There is still something I have not forgotten in the plateau. There is a place called kom made of oak trees in the plateau. We slept there. There was a spring below. Partridges would come and drink water like a flock of sheep. When I said why don’t you hunt partridges, they said why should we hunt? There was so much respect for nature. Respect still remains. Because we are already part of nature. We have to give credit to that piece.


Yes, we are looking for justice together. But justice is not just for us, not just for ourselves. There is one fact that we must not forget. The world It is built on justice. Therefore, when we carry justice in our souls, we become truly perfect human beings. Carrying that justice and reflecting it is one of the basic duties of a perfect human being.

Great promise from Kılıçdaroğlu in Konya: We will make Akşehir a province


I know you are having problems. I know that you are having big problems on your way to the highlands. I know that district governors, governors and mukhtars intervened. Even Durhasan Our husband teacher used a sentence called we are orphans. You are not an orphan. You are the real owners of this country. But I know there is a bitterness in your heart because the problems are not solved, but we will solve these problems. We will keep this ancient culture alive. It is not an ordinary culture. It is the basic duty of every human being to keep this culture alive. There is something I want. Let’s never, ever marginalize people. People’s identity is above our heads. People’s faith is above our heads. The people’s way of life is on top of our heads. When you see a person as a human being, you have already taken the first and most important step to ensure justice. That’s why we are Anatolia, embracing everyone; We have to build and maintain a tradition that embraces everyone in the geography of Thrace. We will do this. I know there are injustices.

I know very well that there is corruption in the state. And we’ll put an end to that rot. At your discretion. The institution you call the state is built on merit. Merit and justice. In other words, it means giving the job to its people. When you do not give the job to the competent, the state begins to rot. A competent person trains those who will do that job after him. In other words, the master-apprentice relationship is the basis of this. It is the same in the state. They can’t just fire you when you graduate to become an ambassador. You will work for a long time. You will go through all the tables. You will know the world. You will know the interests of your state. You will defend the interests of the state in every part of the world geography. You will have the knowledge and experience to defend it. But now they appointed an ambassador to the bribe area. This won’t happen. It Republic of Turkey It is treason to the state. We will ensure the merit in the state. This is morality, this is virtue. Therefore, if you do not do this, the system will start to rot. When the system begins to rot, the country is dragged into disaster. My request to you: Never get discouraged. I know your problems.

Great promise from Kılıçdaroğlu in Konya: We will make Akşehir a province


Nomads have no social . Why not guys? or live in this region. We live together. what about when he gets old? All right, his relatives will take care of him, but he too, as a respected citizen of the Republic of Turkey, needs to gain the right to retirement. He must have health insurance when he goes to the hospital. Remember, this brother will do it all. The state will pay our social premium for women and youth working in rural areas. I want you to know this too. You migrate, you land, but when you work and deserve, the social state will deliver your rights. You have to surrender your brow. We will create a climate in the Republic of Turkey where no one is victimized, where everyone travels in peace in this geography and shows respect to each other. When we create this climate, everyone will embrace our beautiful Turkey. I didn’t say goodbye for nothing. Tired of fighting anymore? Isn’t it enough to fight? Isn’t it enough to look at each other’s faces differently? Isn’t it enough to use different languages? We must unite. We should be together.


Now we go back, get rid of the mistakes we made; We must face forward. Together and together, we have to rebuild Turkey again, but with all its institutions. There is no fight in this business, there is a merger. There is no obstacle we cannot overcome when we are together. We overcome all obstacles. If those who run the state get rich during the time they rule the state, they no longer defend the rights of the people, but the right of their own assets. There is no enrichment in politics. There is no such thing. When you take moral values ​​as a basis, a politician has no chance to become rich in politics anyway. But if someone is getting rich, know that he has eaten the right of servant. If the slave’s right is the biggest sin, I don’t want anyone to be a partner in that biggest sin. I mean, I don’t want him to vote for the one who has the right to use the right.


Our Yörük brothers also have an education problem. He goes to the plateau. Where will their children study? Not only Yörük Turkmens. Seasonal workers have the same problem. This means that if you are dealing with a person and a family, you have to deal with that family as a whole. If they have children, you should also provide education for their children. The Koskoca Republic of Turkey has both the knowledge and the power to do this. If he’s not doing that, it’s because of the politicians. The good education of each of our children should be one of our main duties. We have to value the education of children everywhere and at all times. You are the one who lights the fire in the nomadic tent, you are the one who makes the smoke smoke in the nomadic tent. You are the greatest assurances of the entire Republic of Turkey. You are the guarantor of our union. I wholeheartedly believe this. We will fight this together.”

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