Greece sends new aid materials to earthquake victims in Turkey

Greece, TurkeyAfter the earthquakes in , it sent another 110 tons of humanitarian aid to the earthquake victims in the region.

Andreas Kaçanyotis, Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, TwitterIn his share, he announced that 110 tons of humanitarian aid materials, consisting of 11 containers, set off from Patra Port to reach earthquake victims in Turkey.

11 containers of humanitarian aid materials of 110 tons were set off from Patra Port to be delivered to earthquake victims in Turkey.

Tons of humanitarian aid materials collected by the Greek people under the leadership of the Union of Municipalities in the country Ministry of Foreign Affairs It had been sent to Turkey before, with the coordination of

While some of the humanitarian supplies went to Turkey by sea from Piraeus, Patra and Lesbos Ports, on Saturday, about 120 tons of humanitarian aid supplies ThessalonikiIt was sent by land.

Greek Red Cross 3 trucks loaded with 40 tons of humanitarian aid AthensHe had sent it to Turkey by land. West Thrace Within the framework of the campaign launched by the Turkish Minority Advisory Board, 15 trucks and 4 truckloads of humanitarian aid materials were delivered to the earthquake victims.

Son Dika Current Greece sends new aid materials to earthquake victims in Turkey – Last Minute

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