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Republican People’s Party Parliamentary Environment Committee Member Kırklareli Deputy Vecdi Gündoğdu asked for a parliamentary inquiry to be opened in order to determine, plan and integrate renewable energy sources in Kırklareli. Gündoğdu said, “In today’s world, when the negative effects of global climate change are starting to be seen, Turkey should start making the necessary investments to decarbonize quickly and implement the green development model.”

CHP Kırklareli Deputy Vecdi Gündoğdu stated the following:
“In today’s world, when the negative effects of global climate change are starting to be seen, Turkey should start making the necessary investments as soon as possible in order to decarbonize and implement the green development model. Green Development is not only a vision focused on development or green investment, but a vision that will both support development with green investments and eliminate social injustices that the development process may create. Green development projects should be implemented by taking into account the demands of the local people, employment opportunities in the green sectors to be created and expanded should primarily be offered to the local people, and a qualified and honorable work environment should be created. Supporting renewable energy-oriented infrastructure and investments, as well as renewable energy unions, is an essential part of the Green Development vision.

Giving priority to job training so that the workforce in villages whose economy is based on coal can work in the renewable energy sector can also be considered as a part of the Green Development vision.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important steps in Green Fair Transformation is removing fossil fuels from Turkey’s economy and allocating necessary financial resources to transformation elements such as renewable energy, battery and electric vehicle infrastructure.

The most critical steps to be taken to realize the green transformation are; Rapidly increasing solar and wind energy capacity in a rational way, disciplining coal and natural gas power plants, re-planning the production and supply of internal combustion engine vehicles, dissemination of electric vehicles and expansion of charging infrastructure, renewable energy and electric vehicle technologies and high value-added renewables. investment in the production of energy equipment. In this direction;
While production planning is being re-done in the developing world, a parliamentary study is needed in order to research, plan and integrate our renewable energy resources into the economy in our province of Kırklareli.”

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