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Republican People’s Party Parliamentary Environment Committee Member Kırklareli Deputy Vecdi Gündoğdu spoke at the Parliamentary Environment Committee. Gündoğdu said, “According to the researches of scientists, 1 out of every 5 deaths in Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Edirne – look, 1 out of every 5 deaths – and again, 1 out of every three deaths in Kocaeli Dilovası and again, every death in Antalya. 1 in ten deaths is caused by cancer,” he said.

Gündoğdu made the following statements in his speech:
“Mr. President, when we held meetings here many times, there were situations where at least we passed unanimously about how it would be, how to discuss and also what we should do, but now I look at it;
It is necessary to look at what the AK PARTY has done regarding the environment for twenty years. AKP poured cyanide into the Kaz Mountains, the region with the highest oxygen content after the Alps in the world… Now, our Deputy Minister is also there. It continues to desert the forests like emerald.

Again, construction equipment is being brought into Turkey’s cleanest lake, Salda, which is 2 million years old, with the feet of the national garden. Millions of trees are cut down in the northern forests of Istanbul, which is one of the regions where I live, and there again, even the migration routes of birds are changed.

One of the world’s 100 percent natural forests, one of the 25 regions with the oldest vegetation in the world, not only endemic, but also Cerattepe, which contains plants that have lived there since the Ice Age, is contaminated with cyanide,

Again, while we need to protect the bird paradise of Kırklareli, İğneada, which only exists in the Amazon and Canada, and which has longoz forests in Kırklareli, unfortunately, nuclear power plant plans are being made.

Instead of protecting and developing olive groves, we are trying to destroy our olive trees, which are hundreds of years old, by means of occupations such as roads, facilities, etc.

In short, you have been protecting the environment so well for twenty years that more than 30 thousand of our people in our country unfortunately die every year due to air pollution.

Turkey’s air has become 35 percent more polluted than the European Union average. Unfortunately, 3 out of every 4 people live in places with air pollution.

Again, the water quality of our rivers in Thrace, Marmara and Aegean has increased to the 4th degree, that is, the most polluted level, and we have spoken many times about Ergene, made proposals, discussed in the Assembly, but we still have not reached a conclusion. Again, according to the research of our scientists, cancer is the cause of 1 out of every five deaths in Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Edirne, 1 out of every three deaths in Kocaeli Dilovası, and 1 out of every ten deaths in Antalya, dear friends.

We have been talking about these for years, we have established commissions, governments and countless ministers have left and come, but these things remained in so-called work. And when we look at it, we have witnessed all together that toxic chemicals are contaminated with industrial wastes, even fish and crustaceans in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Even about mucilage, you know, Mr. Minister, we also signed a joint text with you at the meeting organized by the Union of Marmara Municipalities and attended by all the municipalities on the coast, but I still do not see and do not believe that much has been done there.

Now, again, such penalties are lowered in a proposal. I don’t know when the fines come, will Marmara be cleaner? You just said it, but it won’t suit me.

Look, with the amendment to the 1st article, the amount of fines applied to large tonnage ships is being tried to be reduced on the grounds that it has increased disproportionately due to the 2023 adaptations.

Now, considering the mucilage and marine pollution problem in the Marmara Sea, it is important for us that the sanctions have a deterrent quality; That’s the truth, so I think it’s better if it stays the same. Again, in item 2…

“How do we find a place for vehicles in cities? How do we encourage travel with more vehicles?” There is an item.

Now, this is actually the most important confession of how the AK Party’s understanding of urbanism has gone bankrupt at the end of twenty years, let me tell you.
AK PARTY says: “For twenty years, we have encouraged travel by individual vehicles instead of public transportation in all our urban planning plans; We started recently.

” Now “Where will the cars park? We can’t find a place.” They say.

I also do not know which of the faults of the AK PARTY to talk about;

Should we talk about having to fill the coasts and seas to park the vehicles, the deteriorated marine ecosystem, the rights to use the coast, or the waste of resources to be spent on the waiting areas of the vehicles by investing billions of liras here?

Now, in these matters, just like ten years ago, like twenty years ago, planlessness… Again, who will pay the penalty?

Again, it will be charged to the citizen, of course. Apart from the damage to the environment, this will also have a serious financial burden. You are the ones who made the city planning wrong, it is you who are paying a heavy price by trying to fix it today. Now, article 2 is actually a bitter confession of planlessness and lack of foresight; I see that too.

Due to faulty urban policies, the problem of parking has reached the crisis point in big cities; All those who go to big cities see this, no matter which one we go to.

Again, I was wondering with what parking lots will be built under the filling areas mentioned in the article…

Let me not prolong the subject, but public resources are wasted and continue to be wasted here.

For example, the issue that is deemed appropriate by the Ministry, which is particularly problematic here, is that applications regarding recruitment are deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Climate Change; introducing the right to a non-subjective, subjective assessment. In other words, there are many things… Yes, we also support the good ones, but we have to comment on the situations that are not good, unfortunately, that create problems in our minds and leave question marks. Thank you, Chairman.”

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