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Harvest season has started for Karaağaç hot pepper, the indispensable accompaniment of Edirne pan liver.

The Karaağaç plain, fed by the rich alluviums of the Meriç River, is a special agricultural production area where the agricultural diversity of Edirne can be observed and it allows experimental studies for new product patterns.

Last month, Edirne Lavender Field Days attracted thousands of visitors to the region. Elm The harvest of the Elm hot pepper, which will take about two months in the plain, has started. Karaağaç hot pepper, which is the indispensable accompaniment of Edirne’s famous fried liver, is cultivated on an area of ​​approximately 200 decares in the region. The peppers, named after the Karaağaç district, where they were cultivated, are as popular with the local people and visitors as the food and beverage places that prepare fried liver.

Women from Edirne Stringing Peppers

Harvested Elm hot peppers are strung on ropes by local women and left to dry in a sunny and airy environment. The harvest of these peppers, which even has a small stock market to meet the demands of pan liver producers, takes a period of two months in intervals. Dried peppers are fried for a short time in hot oil in pan liver rooms and served as a side dish alongside pan livers.


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