HDP’s Research Proposal on Pollution in the Sea of ​​Marmara was Rejected by AKP and MHP Deputies.

HDP’s Marmara SeaThe group proposal regarding the discussion of the research proposal on the causes of pollution in Turkey in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey today, AKP and MHP It was rejected by the votes of the MPs. HDP Myrtle Deputy Ridvan Turan“Currently, there is a kind of fish pandemic in fish caught in Marmara; the reproductive organs of the fish are smaller than they should be, and the size of the fish is out of proportion to their age. I know that the Ministry is also aware of this. There is no guarantee,” he said.

The group proposal of HDP to bring the research proposal on the causes of pollution in the Sea of ​​Marmara to the fore and to be discussed today was rejected by the votes of AKP and MHP deputies in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Explaining the rationale for the proposal, HDP Mersin Deputy Rıdvan Turan said:


“The main reason for submitting the research proposal is that the pollution in the Sea of ​​Marmara is still in an increasing trend since last year. An action plan of 22 items was announced on June 8, and since then, this 22-item plan has not been implemented, but the improvement of the sea. We see it all getting worse.

There are many different factors of pollution in the Sea of ​​Marmara. For example, household waste, İstanbul all the wastes from all big cities, especially in the South Marmara Basin, go to Marmara, agricultural wastes, especially in the Southern Marmara Basin, all the wastes go to Marmara, industrial wastes KocaeliIn Turkey, in Istanbul and again to the Marmara, spread over Thrace. At the end of the day, Marmara turns into a sea with a water quality that cannot survive.


If it is said that which of these pollutions affects the most, it is absolutely necessary to talk about the Ergene deep discharge. Contrary to the claims of the ministry, in the water samples we took from that region of the Ergene deep discharge, which was pressed 50 meters deep into the sea, heavy metals were found hundreds of thousands of times higher. world Health OrganizationWe saw that it was above the standards of . There are 2,000 industrial facilities throughout Ergene. 2 thousand industrial facilities have different qualities. Metal, paint, textile, many industrial facilities throw all their wastes into Ergene. These industrial facilities take the water from the Ergene aquifer. In other words, the best quality water, which is our collective value, is drawn from underground, polluted and pressed into Ergene.

When it comes to pollution, the living things that can endure in the first stage of pollution remain in the environment, those that cannot endure either die or leave the environment. As the pollution continues, the living population here decreases and it starts to turn into an environment where there is no life. At the moment, in some parts of the Marmara, life has completely disappeared.


As long as the greed for profit of industrial facilities continues, as long as the indifference of the municipalities in this matter continues, as long as the approach of using an extraordinary asset like Marmara as a sewer continues, the loss of Marmara is not even sincere. why do i say Missiles Because the pollution has increased since the Commission. Currently, after the opening of the Baltalimanı Advanced Biological Treatment Plant, there was an extraordinary increase of jellyfish in the Bosphorus, there was an extraordinary explosion, we were faced with something just like in the mucilage period. Now, what is being purified and how much is being purified is a question mark. In the coming period, with the recovery of the weather, we will most likely encounter other types of explosions, which may not be mucilage-like, maybe caused by other phytoplankton.


There is currently a kind of fish pandemic in fish caught in Marmara; the reproductive organs of the fish are smaller than they should be, the size of the fish is disproportionate to their age. I know that the Ministry is also aware of this issue, so we are faced with a fish pandemic that includes most of the fish. There is no guarantee that this pandemic will not cause other diseases in people who consume these fish tomorrow, this is something a vibrio-based bacterium does. In other words, we are losing a fish treasure and a sea treasure, unfortunately, due to the approach of the government on this issue.

Deep discharge in Marmara should be prevented immediately; First of all, after the Ergene deep discharge, what is called ‘deep discharge’ should be eliminated, what is on land should remain on land, treated water should be used in landscape and agriculture on land, industrial wastes should be prevented. Balikesir- Canakkale It is necessary to prevent mental nerve projects such as the Integrated Coastal Road Project and projects that cannot be accepted and destroy the sea, such as the Canal Istanbul Project, but first of all, this Parliament must convene once again and once again reveal why this pollution continues and take precautions. required.”


Taking the floor on HDP’s group proposal GOOD Party Istanbul Deputy Hayrettin Nuhoglunoted:

“The report, which was prepared after the commission, which was established on the occasion of mucilage, which was seen very severely in the Marmara Sea in 2021, worked for four months to investigate the causes of the mucilage problem in our seas, especially in the Marmara Sea, and to determine the measures to be taken. Here, the report was discussed. As a result of the plundering of the Marmara Sea, it was misused, it was thought to be a garbage dump.Toxic pollution caused by fertilizers used extensively in agriculture, industrial and domestic wastes and wastes left by ships were discharged into Marmara without taking necessary precautions.

It is a known fact that the pollution brought by the rivers in the Marmara region, especially in the Ergene basin, continues to date. In short, we can say that whatever the Sea of ​​Marmara attracts, it attracts with human hands. It should not be assumed that the Sea of ​​Marmara was in good condition and survived by saying ‘Mucilage was not seen’ last summer. Unfortunately, there are no indications that the measures determined in the mucilage report submitted and discussed to the Assembly have been fulfilled. Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change The Ministry of Health had prepared and put into practice the Action Plan for the Protection of the Sea of ​​Marmara, consisting of 22 items, at the time when mucilage was at its peak. From the beginning, some items of this plan have been relaxed, ignored, and some are still not implemented.”


Speaking on behalf of the CHP group Tekirdag Deputy Ilhami Ozcan Aygun he said:

“My colleague and I served in this commission for four months, but it means that everything is empty, the truth is clear. We gathered as the Mucilage Commission, but at the point reached, there were exactly 22 articles of the Ministry of Environment, nothing was formed, so we beat water in the mortar, now we are back to the point we came to. Born from Strandja Mountain Meriç Rivermerging with Gulf of SarosErgene, which spills into Turkey and is 283 kilometers long, has almost become a sewer. AK PartyUnfortunately, he has eaten and swallowed all the promises he has made about Ergene so far. President Erdogan, when he became prime minister, in 2011,EstuaryHe stated, ‘We will clean the Ergene River, just as we cleaned it’. Twelve years have passed, stop cleaning up Ergene, Erdogan also made such a blunder on November 13, 2020 that it was mind-blowing, what did he say? At its 7th ordinary congress in Tekirdağ, on November 13, 2020, he said, ‘How do my citizens flow into Ergene?’ said. The party members got up and said that it was flowing brightly as a lie. And I say to Mr. President: Let’s see a face in this brightly flowing Ergene.”

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