He spends millions of dollars to go from age 45 to 18! Here’s why…

Multimilyoner Bryan JohnsonStrange as it may sound, he spent more than $2 million to reduce his age. According to Bloomberg, the 45-year-old multimillionaire “18 year old boy He hired a team of medical professionals to help him “have his brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis, and rectum”.

Hohnson‘s team’s focus was hardly surprising: developing a diet and exercise program. If you consume the right foods and drinks and exercise regularly, you will improve your overall fitness; it’s not a secret. You’ll likely be even more successful when you spend large sums on a team that will help you stick to these plans.

Johnson, 1.977 She sticks to a calorie-dense vegan diet and never even breaks a sleep schedule. She also takes a number of medications and supplements.

Popular MechanicThe team tracks everything from bowel movements and body fat to nighttime erections in this process, . After reviewing the data, adjustments are made to her regimen and medications.

My biological age is 36

Johnson claims to have achieved good results by improving metrics such as blood pressure and lung capacity. “My new venture” on the website Project Blueprintaims to measure more than 70 organs of my body and then maximally reverse the numerical biological age of each,” he writes. “We have measured more than 15 organs and 507 years I got reversal points. My chronological age is 44, my measured biological age is 36.”

2 million dollars spent

spent so far $2 million While it’s gratifying that spending has brought some benefit, it’s clear that nothing really out of the ordinary has happened so far. We’ve known for a long time that diet, exercise, and aging are linked, so it’s no surprise that living healthy has put Johnson on par with a fitter, younger man.

18 year old There doesn’t seem to be any indication that a teenager may have a brain, heart, lungs, penis, and rectum.

While no details were given, the team may be examining gene therapies. gene therapies, It shows promise in reversing signs of aging in mice, and some scientists think similar therapies could one day be applied to humans.

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