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Trakya Politik continues to keep the pulse of the street before the election that will change the fate of the country. This time, we extended our microphone and lens to the citizens in Silivri.

Are the Ak Parti and MHP dissolved?
Among the responses we received from about a hundred people, the number of citizens who stated that they previously supported the ruling bloc but did not intend to vote in this election is not small.

The indecisive and the angry are decisive
Undoubtedly, not everyone who does not respond is undecided, but those who do not respond and those who say they will not vote still rank first, as always.

CHP in first place
The Republican People’s Party, which was head-to-head with the Justice and Development Party on the scale of Silivri in the previous general elections, came out first in the trend survey we conducted.

Victory Party surprise
The Victory Party, which appears almost everywhere we go, is evident here as well. It can already be predicted that the melted vote of the MHP will flow to the Victory Party in this process.

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