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Operating in the Çerkezköy district of Tekirdağ, Cazgır Organization SAN VE TİC.LTD. ŞTİ filed a complaint alleging that they prepared a fake offer file from the AKP’s Kapaklı Municipality and its subsidiary company KENTAŞ. According to the company owner’s statements, its subsidiary company KENTAŞ printed and used the stamps of some companies without permission in order to obtain the amount it wanted directly.

Operating in the Kapaklı district of Tekirdağ, Havadis Newspaper brought up a news about the printing of fake stamps by the AKP’s Kapaklı Municipality’s subsidiary company days ago. KENTAŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Halil Yerlioğlu made a statement denying the allegations and denied the allegations. Although Yerlioğlu denied the allegations, he stated that Çetin had no responsibility in such a situation in order to protect Mayor Mustafa Çetin. In the documents thought to have been leaked from the municipality, a fake stamp belonging to a company and a signature that did not seem to belong to the company official appeared.

In the news published in the Havadis Newspaper, it was claimed that the subsidiary company KENTAŞ prepared a stamp with the information of 270 companies and was used directly in the procurement files. In the news, a former employee of KENTAŞ was cited as the source, while KENTAŞ officials issued a press release denying the issue. KENTAŞ Chairman of the Board İbrahim Halil Yerlioğlu stated that the dismissed personnel made these allegations to defame the company and that they would complain to the newspaper about the issue.

In the light of new developments on the subject, Cazgir Organization SAN VE TİC. LTD. It was learned that ŞTİ filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office on the grounds that fake stamps were used. In the complaint petition, the company representative stated, “In the case of the complaint, the application of market research and getting a price offer in the purchase of goods or needs to be made to Kapaklı Municipality has not been carried out in reality. All purchases are illegal. The stamps of many companies, especially the client company, were printed as fake and bids were given and direct supplies were given to the desired companies at the desired prices by pretending that market research was carried out. According to the information we received, the purchase prices of the purchased products are much higher than the market fair values.

According to the information obtained, the owner of the firm was also suspicious of the blacking out of the evidence and demanded an investigation regarding the direct procurements of KENTAŞ and Kapaklı Municipality.

The company official stated the following in the criminal complaint:
“Identifying the perpetrators of the crimes alleged to have been committed and determining the amount of material damage and loss suffered by our company and public institutions,

Due to the high probability of blacking out the evidence and in order to reach other evidence of crime, an urgent search should be made in Kapaklı Municipality KENT AŞ and the fake stamps used in the commission of the crime should be seized,

Requesting a list of all tenders and direct procurements made by Kapaklı Municipality, which is registered in the electronic public procurement platform, by writing a memorandum of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and identifying the companies that have submitted bids here and investigating whether they actually submit such an offer,

To have an expert made in order to compare the signatures presented in the tender offers with the real signatures of the company representative,

As a result of the investigation, we respectfully request that a public lawsuit be filed against the suspects with a request for punishment.”

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