Here is the most expensive site in the world! Price shocked

big web hosting company Hostinger, the most expensive in history 7 domain published a study in which he looked at his name, and as seen in this research, the most expensive, costing $30 million in 2019.

Most expensive domain name:, a MicroStrategy analytics and software enterprise technologist, It was bought by a team of artists and curators. Judging by Hostinger’s data, the domain name with 88.8k monthly traffic doesn’t seem to be very profitable for the buying team.

The total cost of the seven most expensive websites is around $109 million.,,,, ve .com is located.

The domain name was owned by Chinese internet security company 360 Security Technology, but was bought by Vodafone for $17 million in 2015. SimilarWeb data shows that this site is the 154th largest website in China with 23.9 million monthly visitors, with far more traffic than the most expensive domain name. was sold from Escom to Clover Holdings following an auction in November 2010. Currently this domain is every month 64 million visitors with more traffic than the other five most expensive sites combined.

Hostinger spokesperson, While he says it’s surprising how much money has changed hands with website names, he says that for billion-dollar companies, the payment to be made for a site that will help them secure their place on the internet is relatively small. It reminds us that paying more money to a site does not mean more visitors.

.com whereas, CEO Elon MuskAs mentioned earlier, about Silicon Valley engineer Stuart Grossman 11 million dollars It was a site he had spent ten years trying to get.

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