Here is the new upper limit of fast money transfer

With the development of , there are many subjects in which humanity has made great progress. However, probably one of the most important developments affecting daily life may be the transfer of banking transactions to electronic platforms.

Indeed, we are now in a period where almost all of the transactions made in banks can be made through mobile branches. These days, when we only have to go to the bank for transactions that require a lot of signatures such as a home loan or a vehicle loan, we still money transfers The fact that it did not happen quickly was one of the most annoying issues.

FAST limit updated: Here is the new upper limit for fast money transfer

Although the Instant and Continuous Transfer of Funds, or FAST, which has been put into practice in the past years, has been a solution to this problem to some extent. of FAST before the upper limit 2.000-TL then, this limit is due to the pandemic process. for 5,000-TL removing it and leaving it fixed there sometimes made it necessary to wait for hours for higher amount of money transfers. However, with a new statement made by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, the upper limit for FAST is now for 20.000-TL We learned that he was shot.

Of course, there may still be a certain waiting period for higher amount transactions. However FAST transactions There are no obstacles to its piecemeal realization. So if 60.000-TL If you are going to make a money transfer such as 20.000-TL You can do it with 3 different transactions and in this way, you can transfer 60.000-TL to a different bank in a maximum of 1 minute.

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