İstanbulThe snowfall, which affected the city in the same period last year, did not occur this year. The snow scenes that captured the city on January 24, 2022 were not seen on January 24, 2023. Citizens who were in captivity of snow last year expressed that they were afraid of experiencing the same things again, while some said that they expected snow to fall out of fear of drought.

Last year, on January 24th, Istanbul was covered with a white blanket, and heavy snowfall caused negativities in many districts of the city. When the snowfall showed its effect, the citizens who were stuck on the road were hosted in mosques, and many of them had to sleep in their vehicle, which they left in the middle of the road. In Istanbul, where traffic stopped 1 year ago and vehicles covered with snow everywhere, the expected snow did not fall yet this year. The air temperature, which was measured at minus 3 degrees on January 24, 2022, is 11 degrees today. After the snow that swept the city last year, the situation continued as usual after a one-year hiatus at the points where the negativities were experienced. in 2022, MahmutbeyThe scene, in which the ignition of the vehicles was turned off, left its place to the vehicles that were on the way despite the traffic. While there were those who cleaned their vehicles stuck in the snow on the Basın Ekspres road last year, no vehicles that could stop on the same road were seen this year.

The fact that the temperature in Istanbul is above the expectations also reduced the expectation of snowfall, but the sudden weather changes in the last days, does snow come to Istanbul? It brought with it the question. ITU Meteorological Engineering Department, Dr. Faculty Member Deniz Demirhan, as of Friday, to the northern parts of Thrace, Central Anatolia Regionis, Eastern Anatolia RegionHe said that there is a possibility of snow, but it is necessary to wait a little longer for snowfall in Istanbul.


Bagcilarwho live in Turkey and suffer from snowfall last year Erdal Celik“I left İSTOÇ at 06.00 to my house, I was only able to come at 03.00 at night. I couldn’t bring my vehicle, my vehicle was left at İSTOÇ. When I went in the morning, my vehicle was completely snowy. The roads were locked. I’m afraid of experiencing the same thing. I’ve never been before. “I had never experienced or seen anything like this. It was snowing before that,” he said.

Witnessing the snowfall in Arnavutköy, Engin Şanlı said, “There was 1 meter of snow in Arnavutköy. These places were completely closed last year. It doesn’t even rain this year. Everyone stayed in the mosque, we took the rest for oil. Still, we look forward to the snow, I hope it will rain.” spoke.


Hüsne Kaplan, who lives in Bağcılar, said, “Last year was better, there is no snow this year. We are afraid of drought and water shortage. Hopefully, it will snow for the best. We are waiting for it. If it snows, the seasons will be better.”


Istanbul Technical University(ITU) Dr. Regarding the lack of snowfall this year, Faculty Member Deniz Demirhan said, “When we think about the winter average, we are having a drier winter compared to last year, that is, a winter period with less precipitation. Not only snow, but also the expected precipitation as rain was less this year. As a matter of fact, we experienced the hottest winter period of the last 52 years in December. Rainfall was like this, 52 percent less than the average. It is not very correct to attribute this only to climate change. We have been in climate change for many years. there is another process, this is the La Nina process. La Nina Pacific OceanAn event that took place in Turkey tells about the temperature change in the Pacific Ocean far away from us, but this affects first Europe and then indirectly our country. Drought affects our country in the form of less rainfall. It is possible that the precipitation will return to normal once the La Nina process is over. There is already an increase in average temperatures due to climate change. “Unfortunately, extreme events are increasing as a result,” he said.


Dr. Faculty Member Demirhan said, “All Turkey We are going through this drought period in general. As the temperatures drop a little more as of Friday, the possibility of snow appears in the northern parts of Thrace, the Central Anatolian Region and the Eastern Anatolian Region. Rain is expected in Istanbul on Friday. We may have to wait a little longer for the snowfall to happen in Istanbul,” he said.

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