Listed among the provinces that do not have an ‘earthquake risk’ in TURKEY KirklareliThere was a high demand for houses and plots in . Luleburgaz, daddy ve Visa While the house and land prices tripled in the districts, the shortage of flats for rent began in the city. Mayor Mehmet Siam KesogluPossible earthquake scenarios are on the agenda. We had a surplus of 7-8 thousand houses until 1-2 years ago. All sold, no vacant space available for rent. He said rents have gone up several times.

Kahramanmaras After the centered earthquakes, Kırklareli was shown among the provinces that do not have an ‘earthquake risk’. This situation affected the house and land prices in the city. There was great demand. While house and land prices tripled in Lüleburgaz, Babaeski and Vize districts, the shortage of flats for rent began in the city.


Mayor of Kırklareli Mehmet Siyam Kapakoğlu, Possible earthquake scenarios are on the agenda. Apart from that, there are demands here. We had a surplus of 7-8 thousand houses until 1-2 years ago. All sold, no vacant space available for rent. Rents have gone up several times. We are a small city with a population of 83 thousand. If we are suddenly faced with a hormonal growth; Our current problems turn into an inextricable tangle. He said that the state should develop a policy in this regard. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Saying that they are working on a protocol with the (İBB), sectoroğlu said, “None of us would like it, but in a possible earthquake, Kırklareli could be a gathering area. We built an indoor market place of 18,500 square meters. Some materials can be collected there, people can live in large areas. Because in a possible earthquake, there will be chaos in Istanbul. These places will also turn into harbors of refuge. By working from today, making our plans, what kind of a neighbor we can make and how we can contribute in that process, we are in his work.


He has been a real estate agent for 20 years in Kırklareli. Fatih Türköz also stated that there is an intense demand from Istanbul to the region and said, “We have never seen such a demand. We have been in the industry for nearly 20 years. There is an intense demand from the Istanbul region, especially to this region. We also see a demand from the disaster area. But we have a big problem in meeting places. The lands of Thrace have already been sold gradually, and we cannot meet this demand. In particular, land, land, field; circle afterwards. There is a rental problem. There is no house for rent. As a result of inflation, prices started to increase day by day in sales. We evaluate the possibilities available. But we do not receive the product. Since the product has not arrived, we cannot deliver it to the consumer. There is a 60-70% increase in demand. He said it was obvious when the phones were ringing.


Türköz said that the land prices in particular had tripled. Before the earthquake, 2+1 flats in a beautiful neighborhood in the center of Kırklareli were in the range of 900-950 thousand TL, while now they can be found around 1 million 100-1 million 250 thousand TL. There was not much price increase. But in the areas where we worked 30-40 thousand decares 6-7 months ago, we have now tripled in lands, especially in field and land investments. Figures such as 120 thousand, 150 thousand are being talked about, he said.

Ferda Pekçeer, a real estate agent, stated that there is no house for rent in the city and said, “We do not have any rentals at the moment. Even other real estate agents ask us ‘Do you have it’. Unfortunately, we are in a lot of trouble right now. Before the earthquake, the demands were one by one, not too intense. Unfortunately, we had a very sad event. That’s why more people come. We cannot meet the demands at this time. There is a partial increase in prices. It’s a matter of supply and demand, but there’s no room. He said that there are demands from the earthquake region, there are also from Istanbul.


Göksal Çiğdem, President of Kırklareli Nature and Culture Association, said that due to the climate crisis, water resources are not sufficient, so migration should be limited. Çiğdem, at the moment, there will be migrations in Kırklareli, fearing an earthquake. However, it is also necessary to calculate whether the natural resources here will be sufficient for the next migration. We are experiencing a terrible drought due to the climate crisis. Lots of people will come, it’s an ideal place to stay. However, it should be taken into account whether natural resources will be sufficient. Migrations should be places where there are more natural resources and people can live, and this number should be limited. If that capacity is exceeded; As a result, both those who come and those who live here will suffer, he said.

‘They say 4-5 thousand, then they rent it for 7 thousand’

Selin Semiz also said that she could not find a house for rent or sale, “I talked to real estate agents today. I looked for both for rent and for sale, but couldn’t find it. And as it suits them, they say ‘no’. And they say ‘4-5 thousand’, then they rent it for 7 thousand. That’s why there is some trouble in Kırklareli, he said.

Salih Alan also said that he was afraid of the distorted structure of Kırklareli like Istanbul, and said:

What will Istanbul look like today when you compare it? What happens if this is the way it is today? This is not calm. The sweet life here will end. The houses we bought for 300 thousand are 1.5-2 million today. What will be the end of thisDHA)

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