How many meters slipped Turkey after the earthquake! Much more than 7 meters! Here is that number…

based in Pazarcik two major earthquakes Afterwards, the offsets formed on the fault were also revealed. Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Director Prof. Dr. Haluk Özener, the region’s for 7-8 meters He said they found him slipping.

February 6 The fault activity, which started at night, was examined under the coordination of Kandilli Observatory. prof. Dr. Haluk OzenerAccording to the statement, it is possible to see the effects of the earthquake in an area of ​​300-350 kilometers, especially where the fault is located.

In field observations, where the fault passes 3 meters beats were said to occur. In the field investigations made after the studies and teams increased in the field, 5 meters It is said that there are also horses.”

Saying that scientists have detected at least 5 meters of pulses, Özener said that at the epicenter at least 7-8 meters He noted that there was a slippage. In his statement, he said, “It will become clearer with future studies, but, to 7-8 meters up to pulses and shifts were observed.” said.

More than 500 aftershocks per day!

The Director of the Earthquake Research Institute also stated that the number of aftershocks has not decreased yet. 500 per dayStating that there were more than 50,000 aftershocks, Özener underlined that there was no decrease in the number of aftershocks in the past period.

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