How much is the cost of building reinforcement, how many liras per flat?

There has been a great increase in applications made to municipalities for building risk analysis. Earthquake Reinforcement Association President Sinan Türkkan, empowerment per department 250 thousand liras noted that.

February 6 earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş Great destruction in 11 cities caused. Aftershocks after the earthquake and earthquakes in Hatay resulted in the destruction of damaged buildings. More than 44,000 people lost their lives in the earthquakes.

Earthquake reinforcement

TurkeyAfter the event that stifled , many citizens began to question the durability of the building they lived in. While citizens repeatedly apply to municipalities for building inspection, urban transformation projects do not fall off the agenda. In addition to the reviews, some of the people are thinking about how they can strengthen their buildings against a possible earthquake.

Earthquake Strengthening Association (DEGUDER) President Sinan Turkkan“Carbonfiber is a material that is wrapped around the column in the form of a fabric you know, and bonded with epoxy, materials that are ten times stronger than iron… Therefore, when you wrap it with it, it is possible to prevent this column from breaking down or collapsing during an earthquake.

75% risk

If we look at the country in general, our total building stock 75 percentWe all know now that it is in a risky area. 10 million or 8 million If we have a stock of buildings and they carry risks, 60 percent of them can easily be saved with 70 percent reinforcement. First, the reinforcements in the column were determined and after the reinforcements, cores were taken from the non-ferrous region. Scraps were made, analysis of the foundation was made. Soil survey was done. This building was also designed as a building to be strengthened,” he said.

250 thousand lira per flat

Explaining the cost of retrofitting the building, Türkkan continued: “The retrofit itself will be completed at the level of approximately 250 thousand TL per flat. However, the citizens want to change their joinery after this work is done here. They want to change the parquet on the floor. 100-150 thousand TLThere is an additional cost. People can get out safely at the end of this job. Maybe the building will be damaged, but people can continue their lives in a healthy way.”

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