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After President Erdoğan announced the details of the EYT arrangement, citizens began to investigate how to apply for retirement. How to apply for retirement, is it possible to apply from e-Government?

President Tayyip Erdoğan, at a press conference, announced the details of the work done on the regulation of age-at-retirement (EYT).

Stating that no age limit will be applied within the scope of the regulation, Erdoğan said, “With the regulation, approximately 2 million 250 thousand of our citizens gain the right to retire”. Explaining that insurance premium incentives will be given to those who continue to work, Erdoğan stated that employers will be provided with credit opportunities to support them.

After the announcement, those who were entitled to retirement from EYT started researching how to apply. It is possible to make transactions via e-Government without going to SGK. How to apply for retirement via e-Government?
Here are the steps required to apply:

  1. After logging into the e-Government system, after typing one of the words ‘monthly’, ‘retired’, ‘income’ in the search section, the ‘income, monthly allowance request document issuance document’ will be clicked on.
  2. On the next screen, the ‘new application’ tab will be clicked.
  3. The ‘old age pension’ will be selected as the allocation request type.
  4. ‘4A SSK’ will be chosen within the scope of SSK, and ‘4B Bağkur’ will be selected within the scope of Bağkur. Then click the ‘apply’ button at the bottom.
  5. TC identity number, name-surname information and residence address are automatically displayed on the screen.
  6. The bank to which the salary payment will be made will be selected and the requested branch of the bank will be written in the explanation section.
  7. Other contact information to be filled.
  8. ‘Does he get monthly?’ ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer must be marked.
  9. Next ‘next’ button will be pressed and ‘apply’ button will be pressed and information will be sent to SGK.

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