How was 2022? What happened in a year?

We started the first business week of 2023. We have left behind another long year. So what happened last year? What were the highlights of the year? Here’s what happened last year for you.

Our editors evaluated the agenda of a whole year. What were the most important issues last year, what was on the agenda, we evaluated the most important points.

How was 2022? What happened in a year?

2022 was a year when price hikes were on the agenda. The year that broke out with the Russia-Ukraine war continued with the effect of inflation and crises. The effect of increasing inflation and price hikes made itself felt throughout the year. With the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the economic crisis worsened. One of the countries that felt the economic effects of this war the most was Turkey. On side, the effects of the disease or its control over our lives have become even lighter. We have compiled all this and more for you. We wish you a good viewing. Don’t forget to support us.

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