Hundreds of festivals held in 2022 made a year full of art

implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.Turkey “Cultural Road Festivals” and concerts, theater, opera, dance and literature festivals organized by many institutions and organizations enabled art lovers to experience a year full of art.

According to the information received from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, this year İstanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakir, Canakkale ve KonyaThe festivals held in , hosting world-famous artists, met with intense interest from art lovers.

Beyoglu “Cultural Road” and “Capital Culture Road”, as well as “Troy Culture Road” in Çanakkale, “Cultural Road in Diyarbakır”On Cultural Road”, in Konya “Konya Mystic Music FestivalApproximately 33 million people attended the Culture Road Festivals, which presents the art to the taste of art lovers.

Istanbul and Ankara hosted the Culture Road Festival twice a year

The first of the “Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival” in Istanbul was held on 28 May-12 June. The festival in the spring term hosted more than 1500 events and 6 thousand 453 artists in 84 venues.

In the autumn period of the festival, which took place on October 1-23, more than a thousand events were held in 51 venues, and more than 6 thousand artists met with the audience.

In the first program of the “Capital Culture Road Festival” in Ankara, from 28 May to 12 June, 507 events in more than 70 venues met with art lovers. Approximately 2 million 300 thousand people attended the festival attended by 5 thousand 971 artists. In the autumn program between October 1-23, 635 events were held in 78 venues. More than 5 thousand artists took the stage at the events.

16-23 in Çanakkale SeptemberThe “Troy Cultural Road Festival” held in Turkey hosted more than a thousand artists in 112 events.

Organized for the 19th time this year, the “Konya Mystical Music Festival” met with art lovers on September 22-30. While 348 artists took the stage in 21 events included in the festival program, approximately 18 thousand art lovers watched the festival.

More than 600 events were held as part of the “Sur Culture Road Festival” held in Diyarbakır on 8-16 October. The festival, where more than 2,000 artists were guests, attracted intense interest and hosted 3 million art lovers.

“2. Korkut Ata Turkish World Film Festivals“what 450 filmmakers attended

It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and this year it is the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World. BursaAt the “2nd Korkut Ata Turkish World Film Festival” held in Istanbul, 52 works from 17 countries were presented to moviegoers.

Turkey, to the festival organized to increase cultural and artistic cooperation opportunities between the Turkish world and to strengthen historical, cultural and social values. Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and about 450 filmmakers from other countries participated.

Cinema, theatre, music and dance festivals

Hundreds of festivals across the country were presented to the audience by various institutions and organizations.

Some of the cinema festivals, which include interviews and workshops as well as film screenings, are as follows:

“59. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival”, “42. Istanbul Film Festival”, “33. Ankara Film Festival”, “29. International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival”, “27. Film Festival on Wheels”, “26. Istanbul Theater Festival”, “25. Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival”, “18. International Snow Film Festival”, “12. International Crime and Punishment Film Festival”, “International Silk Road Film Festivals”, “Kayseri Gold Plane Film Festival”, “Bosphorus Film Festival”, “Antioch Film Festival”, “Kayseri Golden Sycamore Film Festival”, “International Yed-i Velayet 7 Provinces Short Film Festival”, “International Servant Short Film Festival”, “Mercy to the Universe International Short Film Festival”, “Turkish World Documentary Film Festival”, “Kısa’dan Share Short Film Festival”, “Red Crescent Friendship Short Film Festival”, “International Siirt Short Film Festival”, “Bingol International Short Film Festival”, “International İzmir Film Festivals”, “Estuary GoldenHorn International Film Festival”, “International Gobeklitepe Film Festival”, “International Dystopian Film Festival”, “Kocaeli Short Film Festival”, “Universal Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival”, “International Dystopia Film Festival”, “Gemlik Film Festival”, “Izmir International Film and Music Festival” and “Bozok Film Festival”

“14th Istanbul”, which is still continuing in the field of literature this year. Literature Festival” as well as “14. Istanbul International Literature Festival ITEF”, “Roman Heroes Istanbul Literature Festival”, “Black Week Istanbul Festival”, “Ankara Literature Festival”, “International Magazine Days” were held.

Some of the festivals in the field of music and dance are:

“50th Istanbul Music Festival”, “49th Silifke International Music and Folklore Festival”, “32. Akbank Case Festivals“, “International Thrace Jazz Festival”, “29. Istanbul Jazz Festival”, “29. International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival”, “26. International Ankara Jazz Festival”, “23. International Istanbul Buyukcekmece Culture and Art Festival”, “22. Afyonkarahisar Jazz Festival”, “22. International Antalya Piano Festival”, “20. International Music Festival“, “19. International Gümüşlük Music Festival”, “19. International Bodrum Ballet Festival”, “11. International Clarinet Festival”

In the field of theater, “26th Istanbul Theater Festival”, “26th International Child ve Youth Theater Festival”, “12. International Theater Festival”, “International Women Playwrights Theater Festival”, “Istanbul Karagöz Festival”, “International Ankara Puppet Festival” and “Balikesir Theater Festival”.

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