IBM now joins the list of collective layoff companies

The rush of layoffs never ends. Not so much two years ago, pandeminin most intense 2021 giants, which have posted thousands of new recruitment announcements every day, are paying a heavy price for their uncontrolled growth. Until today, many companies, especially giants such as , Meta, Amazon and , 100.000’i parted ways with the previous number of employees.

Almost all of the companies cited the economic difficulties and the decrease in the profits of the companies for these layoffs. The last person to participate in mass layoffs IBM if, 3.900 people based the dismissal procedure on a different reason.

IBM now joins the list of collective layoff companies

In the past months, in order to transfer capital to different projects, Kindergarten ve Watson Health IBM, which sells its subsidiaries such as IBM had incorporated. However, new employees could not find a position in the company. In other words, these employees are currently wandering around the company.

Here’s who stated that he could not produce a suitable position for them. IBM’de found the solution to part ways with these employees. Announcing that within the scope of these dismissals, a compensation payment of 300 million dollars will be made in total. IBM, At least in this way, it plans to help its employees earn income for a while.

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