Icing and freezing cold were effective in Edirne

EdirneIcing and freezing cold were effective in

EDİRNE With the air temperature falling to minus 1 degree in Edirne, ornamental pools and roads were frozen.

in Edirne December As we approached the end of the month, freezing cold and icing started to show its effect. While the high parts of Thrace were covered with white, the freezing cold was effective in the city center of Edirne. The torrential rain that has been effective in Edirne in the past days has left its place to freezing cold and icing. It was observed that icing was formed in the puddles on the edges of the ornamental pools. Drivers who set out to go to work in the early hours of the morning saw icing on the windows of their vehicles. Citizens, on the other hand, took their winter scarves, berets and coats out of the closets, as the air temperature dropped to minus 1 degree.

It was seen that the streets, which were crowded due to the cold weather, were also empty.

Berkay Taka, one of the citizens, said that they encountered frost and cold weather since the night hours, and stated that there was snow on the ground, the ornamental pools kept ice and it was necessary to wear thick clothes. Sami Gökler, one of the citizens who said that it was dry and cold in Edirne, stated that he could not sit on the bench due to the cold weather and that he would take shelter in a coffee to warm up. Indicating that the cold has just begun, Gökler stated that the weather will get colder in the coming days.

“Edirne feels the cold air intensely”

Citizens who said that Edirne felt it very intensely with the cold coming from the Balkans this way. Omar Tuzcu said, “Many ornamental ponds were frozen on the way. We can learn from the contact information that the night is cold at minus degrees.

One of the citizens, Devrim Kayar, said that the weather is starting to get cold, and that the ornamental pools are freezing and there is hair growth on the grass with the effect of the cold.

Son Dika Current Icing and freezing cold were effective in Edirne – Last Minute

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