II. Bayezid Complex hosted 120 thousand visitors this year with the concept of ‘living museum’

He was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for nearly a century. Edirnelocated in II. With its “living museum” concept, the Bayezid Complex reflects traces of the education, health and social life of that period to its visitors.

Sultan II. The kulliye, which was built by Bayezid in 1488 and used as a medical school, hospital and almshouse, is today University of Trakya It serves as the “Health Museum” and “Imaret Museum” within the body of (TÜ).

In the Health Museum in the complex, where the “living museum” concept is applied, the Ottoman medical education and studies in the field of health are explained. The Darüşşifa section, where the mentally ill are treated with water, music, scent and occupation, reflects the pioneering work of Ottoman medicine in this field.

In the medical madrasah section of the complex, the social life of the students and the education given are revived.

Explaining social assistance and solidarity

Social solidarity and cooperation in the Ottoman period are explained in the Imaret Museum, which is located in the kitchen section of the complex.

In the museum, where the imaret tradition is revived, visitors have the opportunity to see the culinary culture of the Ottoman Empire with wax sculptures and old kitchen utensils. Free meals are also distributed to the needy with the support of philanthropists on certain days of the week in the museum.

Institution that responds to the needs of society in the Ottoman period

Director of Health Museum and Imaret Museum, TÜ Lecturer Ruhi Pehlivancık, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the complex, which was built towards the end of the 15th century, was in a structure that responded to the education, health, accommodation and food and beverage needs of the Ottoman society.

Pehlivancık explained that the historical building, which got old in time, came to life again after it was allocated to Trakya University in 1984, “After the educational activities, the first museum activities with the concept of ‘living museum’ were started in 1997 in the Darüşşifa department. ” said.

Pehlivancık stated that the complex attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors in every aspect.

Stating that Ottoman sherbets prepared with traditional recipes are presented to the taste of the visitors in the Sherbet House located in the complex, as well as the Health Museum and Imaret Museum, Pehlivancık said that those who visited the complex felt the historical structure in the best way.

“To the citizens of the Ottoman Empire in the complex How It is possible to see it approaching

Emphasizing that the complex, which was designed with the concept of a living museum, helps to understand the Ottoman perspective on people, Pehlivancık said:

“The complexes in the Ottoman Empire offer us very important clues in terms of understanding the daily lives, cultures and visions of that period. This is a complex of healing, so the main function of the Hospital is in the center, focused on health services. There is a medical school here, with a capacity of 40 beds, In order to train physicians to work in the hospital. There are tabhanes (resting places in the Ottoman complexes) on both sides of the mosque. These are the places where guests were allowed to stay for up to 3 days free of charge at that time. Apart from that, we are talking about an soup kitchen that serves 250-300 people every day. “It is possible to see how the Ottomans approached their citizens at that time through this kulliye. When you come to this kulliye, you can see the conditions of that period as well as a perspective on Ottoman life.”

Visitor numbers return to pre-pandemic period

Pehlivancık stated that the number of visitors, which has fallen in the last 2 years due to the epidemic, has started to increase.

Stating that the complex is one of the most visited places in the city, Pehlivancık said, “Last year, we had nearly 60 thousand visitors. This year we had nearly 120 thousand visitors. We anticipate that this number will increase even more next year.” he said.

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