Illegal game console and liquor seized in Edirne

EdirneIn , the gendarmerie teams seized the game console and alcohol smuggled into the country.

Edirne Provincial Gendarmerie Command ITH Branch Office and Ipsala The District Gendarmerie Command took action upon a notification around the activities carried out to ensure safety and security. Ipsala- Kashan 17 PS5 game devices and 12 game controllers with a market value of approximately 400 thousand TL, which were determined to have been illegally smuggled into the country, were seized during the search made inside the vehicle stopped on the highway.

While 1 person was detained in connection with the incident, necessary legal actions were taken against the person.

In the statement made by the Edirne Provincial Gendarmerie Command, it was stated that “The activities aimed at ensuring security and order and preventing smuggling will continue uninterruptedly, with the support of our people, even stronger and more determined.” – EDIRNE

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