In 5 years it will be the biggest!

is very ambitious about entering the burgeoning electric car segment fast. The company says that it will be the new leader of the market with the software advantage and price in the car it has developed. This includes CEO Lei Jun’s ambitions to dominate this segment and market.

is very ambitious with its electric car

As time progressed, we saw various leaks about the company’s electric vehicle and images of what the new car would look like. Although the reliability of the pictures is not yet clear, most of the vehicle is finished. in the last three years which will help a lot in the marketing of the electric car of the future in China He had established 10 new stores and factories.

Apparently the model named MS11 in 2024 future. The importance of the project is huge for ’s CEO, Lei Jun, who aims to become the market leader in a relatively short time.

Xiaomi will be the market leader with its electric car!

Looking at the alleged leaked design, it is clear that is inspired by its American rival . Therefore, Lei Jun aims to stand out in the field of software, unlike different design.

Lei Jun also made confident statements about the first electric car project. automotive industry in the next 20 years. one of the most important players thinks they will.

It even wants to be one of the five largest electric car manufacturers in the world. For this reason, the company, which does not give up investing in its own sector, will start mass production of its first model next year. Lei Jun admits that the development of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers is 6-7 years ahead of , but ’s advantage lies in its electronic technology and user experience.

Electric cars integrate sales, after-sales service and charging packages. In the future, they can integrate more services.

Last year, Car cost roughly $439 million (3 billion yuan). collected more investment. Do you agree with Lei Jun for Xiaomi’s first electric car project?

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