Increase in Food and Fuel Fees of Staff from Çorlu Municipality

Çorlu Municipality Personnel Inc. Within the scope of the ongoing contract between the Municipality and the Municipality-İş Union, Personnel A.Ş. An increase was made in the food and fuel aid of the employees. According to the signed protocol, the meal wages of the personnel will increase by 70 percent; In addition, a monthly net fuel aid of 400 TL will be provided for 6 months.

Mayor Ahmet Sarikurt, Vice President Adnan Kum, Çorlu Municipality Personnel Inc. After the meeting, which was held with the participation of Director Tolga Gülerdağ, Municipality-İş Union Thrace Branch President İbrahim Özçelik, Municipality-İş Union Thrace Branch Vice President Hakan Bozbulut, the food and fuel aid received by the company personnel was increased.

President Sarikurt, in the light of the evaluations, Personnel Inc. Stating that they also increased the food and fuel aid to their employees before the New Year’s hike, he said:

“We are doing our best to ensure that our employees have better conditions, not be challenged in today’s economic conditions and increase their welfare. In this context, we signed a collective bargaining agreement between our Çorlu Municipality Personnel Inc. company and the Municipality-İş Union Thrace Branch last year. Today, the economic situation of our country and The situation of our workers is clear. We continue to make decisions that will support our workers. We will ensure an increase in salaries by 2023, with inflation plus 2 percent, within the scope of the contract we signed, foreseeing these difficult conditions of our employees. We are making a great increase in fuel and food wages. In addition to the increase to be made in the inflation rate to be announced In addition, we will provide monthly net fuel aid of 400 TL for 6 months in order to contribute to them, especially in the winter months. With the worsening economic conditions, we have made a significant contribution to the increasing food costs so that our employees can be fed in a healthy and correct way. We have increased our wages by 70 percent. With the understanding of social municipality, we work to provide benefits to both our city and our employees and to contribute to their needs. I wish the protocol we signed today to be beneficial to our employees.”

İbrahim Özçelik, Chairman of the Thrace Branch of the Belediye-İş Union, said:

“The situation in our country is obvious, I attach importance to the additional increase made by our Mayor Ahmet Sarıkurt in this period when successive hikes have adversely affected living conditions, and I would like to thank our members for their contributions to our effort. Within the scope of the protocol we signed, the increases in food and fuel wages started as of December. “Our updated food and fuel prices will be reflected by increasing the rate of inflation and welfare as of January,” he said.

Son Dika Local Increase in Food and Fuel Fees of Staff from Çorlu Municipality – Last Minute

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