Inspection against illegal hunting in Gala Lake National Park

Edirnein Gala Lake Inspection was carried out against illegal hunting in the National Park.

Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Enez District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and Kashan Inspection was carried out in and around Gala Lake under the coordination of the National Parks Directorate.

In the inspections organized for the protection and sustainability of fishery products, the teams aim to prevent illegal hunting.

Gala Lake National Park

Edirne’s Enez and Ipsala Galata Lake National Park, located in the districts of Istanbul, consists of a total area of ​​6 thousand 90 hectares, 3 thousand 90 hectares of wetland and 3 thousand hectares of forest.

Meric Located in the Delta Wetland, the National Park is a class A wetland and contains lake and forest ecosystems.

Gala Lake National Park hosts different bird species, especially flamingos.

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