Inspections against earthquake risk continue in buildings with workplaces on the ground floor in Edirne.

Edirne Mayor Recep GurkanHe said that the inspections of buildings with workplaces on the ground floor against earthquake risk continue.

Gürkan, at the meeting held in the municipality, Kahramanmaras He said that the earthquakes in the city center once again revealed the importance of building safety.

Stating that 2 thousand 227 of the 21 thousand 382 buildings in the city are workplaces, Gürkan said:

“It is being investigated whether there is a problem especially in the columns of the buildings with workplaces underneath. It is checked whether there is a cut in the columns and the beams of the buildings. We have not encountered a problematic building in this sense in the inspections carried out so far. This is pleasing for us. In terms of concrete properties and iron properties. I want to underline that we are not doing a check yet. It is another technical study.”

Gürkan emphasized that the load-bearing elements of the buildings will be examined in the first place and the number of inspection teams will be increased.

Stating that Edirne Municipality continues to help and support the earthquake zone, Gürkan thanked the people of Edirne.

Recep Gürkan also stated that they are doing their best to meet the needs of the earthquake victims who came to Edirne.

Gurkan, Nation AllianceCHP leader as the presidential candidate of Kemal KilicdarogluReminding that ‘ was announced, he added that they will start the election work soon.

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