Institution directors participated in AA’s ‘Photos of the Year’ voting in Edirne

EdirneInstitution managers participated in the “Photos of the Year” voting organized by Anadolu Agency (AA).

Nihat Kınık, Regional Director of Trakya Customs and Foreign Trade, Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) Edirne Regional Director Hasan Akdemir and Edirne State Turkish Music and Rumelia Music Community Manager Gokce Bahar Gardenexamined the photos taken by AA reporters and photojournalists in and out of the country.

Kınık, in the “news” category Ozkan Bilginin the “task complete”, “sports” category Gokhan Balci‘s “wrestling dreams” are also in the “environment-life” category. Orhan CicekVoted ‘s “firefighting” photos.

Akdemir, on the other hand, favored the photo of Ali Jadallah in the category of “news”, “The sigh of the oppressed” by Gökhan Balcı in the category of “sports”, and “Fire response” by Orhan Çiçek in the category of “environment-life”.

Bahçe’s preference is also Özkan Bilgin’s “news” category. HakkariIn the “festival atmosphere” in the “sports” category, Gökhan Balcı’s “wrestling dreams”, and in the “environment-life” category Bestami Bodruk’s “Masalcı grandmother and Uncle Muciddin” photographs.

Son Dika Current Institutional directors participated in AA’s ‘Photos of the Year’ voting in Edirne – Last Minute

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