Institutional directors participated in AA’s ‘Photos of the Year’ voting in Tekirdağ

Trakya Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Sahin and Provincial Director of National Education, Ersan Ulusan, participated in the “Photos of the Year” voting organized by Anadolu Agency.

Şahin, who received information about the photographs from the AA correspondent, is in the environment and life category. Orhan CicekVoted for “Fire fighting” photo.

In the news category, Emrah Yorulmaz’s ” TOGGŞahin, who liked the photo of “‘s first journey”, Sport also in the category Gokhan BalciHe chose the frame “Wrestling dreams” shot by .

Şahin said that all of the photos are meaningful to each other.

Provincial Director of National Education Ersan Ulusan is in the news category. Eastern blood Sharp swordVoted for the “Night flight” photo signed by .

In the category of environment and life Mahmut Serdar Ulusan chose the photograph “You illuminate the night” taken by Alakuş, and chose Elif Öztürk Özgöncü’s “Champions” frame in the sports category.

Ulusan stated that there were beautiful photographs in the selection and congratulated the AA correspondents.

Son Dika Current Institution managers participated in AA’s ‘Photos of the Year’ vote in Tekirdağ – Last Minute

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