Intercity bus ticket prices will not be increased this year

Turkey Bus Drivers Federation (TOFED) Chairman Birol Özcan stated that they have not made an increase in bus ticket prices since the summer months and said, “We do not expect a new tariff for 2023, ticket prices will remain the same.” said.

In his statement to the AA correspondent, Özcan said that they served at 50 percent capacity in 2020 due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, and that they returned to service with 100 percent capacity as the cases decreased.

Stating that the number of bus services and passengers increased with the decrease in the speed of the epidemic, Özcan said, “The flights, which started to increase in 2021, increased even more in 2022 and returned to normal. İstanbul 15 July Democracy 370 thousand buses made a trip to the bus station. In 2022, the number of our bus services increased to 427 thousand. In 2022, our number of flights increased by 15 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, the number of passengers has increased,” he said.

Özcan underlined that their company is satisfied with the increasing number of flights and passengers and continued as follows:

“Before the pandemic, our bus service numbers were 2 thousand per day. This number dropped a lot after that. In 2022, the number of daily bus trips increased. In 2022, the number of daily trips at Istanbul July 15 Democracy Bus Station became 1170. However, the year 2023 started a bit sluggish. Semester We expect this number to increase even more with the holidays, the upcoming Ramadan month and the holiday, and the summer holiday. Although our number of flights decreased, our companies made good money. Companies in the west made a little more money than companies in the east. We have not made an increase in ticket prices since the summer. stable. We do not expect a new tariff for 2023. The ticket prices will remain the same. The price of diesel is at a good level. If we increase the prices, we will not be able to find passengers. During the periods when airline companies make discounts, our passengers are a little less. Even though our flight numbers decrease, our occupancy rate is good. But in diesel SCT We expect a discount.”

“We are pleased that bridge and highway prices are not increased”

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganExpressing that they are very pleased with the decision announced by .

Özcan, on the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge and at certain hours in Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet Expressing that they demanded that bus companies be allowed to pass through the bridge, he said, “We have such an expectation from our President. We would be very happy if they allow passage over the bridges at certain hours. This will be very good especially for our trips to nearby cities.” said.

Emphasizing that illegal transportation with minibuses harmed them, Özcan said:

“We cannot prevent this transportation. We have some works to prevent this. BeylikduzuWe want to make a stop in . and Hadımköy. We especially want our passengers coming from Thrace to come here. Because it is impossible to cope with its transportation by minibus. We need to prevent illegal transportation. Persons or vehicle owners who do this should be fined. We are more hopeful for 2023. In 2023, we expect the number of passengers and the number of flights to increase even more. At these prices, we will contribute more to the economy.”

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