Interesting Russia move from Xiaomi: We are back!

Due to the conflicts in Ukraine in the middle of last year Apple, Samsung, ve Sony Many technology companies such as the Russian market had withdrawn. in these companies now wants to return to the market where it is the leader.

For a company, operating in Russia poses potential dangers to employees, supply chain and even sales. However, looks serious for this market despite all these negativities.

Russia for re

is determined to gradually return to the Russian region, where it has a market share of up to 33 percent. ’s account in charge of national product promotion has launched new hires for various marketing and advertising-related jobs. This information is also clearly visible in the profile on the LinkedIn social network by itself.

Development from Xiaomi that will delight the Russian market!

Founder of the Russian communications agency Kristina PetrovaHe stated that although intends to operate as it did before the conflict, it will start advertising and marketing first and then commercial activities.

Although entered the Russian market in 2018, it was selling its products through third-party companies, not the company itself. Judging by the company’s latest move, we can see that a new market for Russia will open up seriously.

What do you think about ’s return to the Russian market? Do not forget to express your thoughts in the comments section.

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