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Daylight saving helps buildings save energy and money by intelligently controlling lighting systems. However, if you have a bad engineer, debt, not savings, can become the whip of the brave.

The fault of the system that turned off the lights cost dearly

from August 2021 Since then, a high school in Massachusetts, USA, has had the lights on for a year due to a malfunction. Although it should have been an energy-efficient system, the could not be closed because it could not be controlled. Another unfortunate aspect of the school is that fixing the and hardware was made even more difficult by the disruption of production in China.

Minnechaug High School District in Wilbraham, Massachusetts uses fluorescent and LED bulbs connected to a daylight collection system. The system can automatically dim and turn lights according to ambient conditions throughout the day to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Interesting software bug that makes you give up: The lights could not be turned off!

There was a power outage at the school on August 24, 2021, which corrupted the on the lighting system. Since then, students, faculty, and staff at the high school have not been able to dim the lights for video presentations, nor have they been able to turn off the lights in the rooms. (If he was in Turkey, master Ahmet, he had already taken care of it)

The school couldn’t fix the problem right away because 5th Light, the company that built the system in 2012, has changed hands multiple times since then. The school also struggled to find someone at the company who understood the proprietary system after tracking down 5th Light’s current owner, Reflex Lighting.

Outside consultants were also unable to patch the , nor did timers or on/off switches fix the problem. While Reflex Light informed the school that it would cost the school $1.2 million to replace the entire system, the school administration acknowledged this, but there were multiple delays this time as supply chain issues in China affected the required chips.

The school is brooding over how to fix the system right now. How would such a mistake have happened in our country? Do not forget to specify in the comments.

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