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Mirsal Market in Erenler Village of Pınarhisar was one of the places that attracted my attention the most during my work on the “Taste Map of Kırklareli”. Aside from the sincere hospitality of Hakime Mırsal and his son Serdar Mırsal, they made toast with Roasted Cheddar; It’s a perfect break for those who are tired of soup, meatballs and skewers.

Mirsal Market, which has been serving on the village road since 1995, is undergoing a major transformation when Trakya University Department of Business Administration Serdar Mırsal returns to his village after graduating from the university. Serdar Mırsal, who has created a unique taste in the village market by using the advantage of being both regimented and schooled in the profession, has turned the village into a brand as well as the market.

Serdar Mırsal emphatically emphasizes that “love” is the primary secret of the taste in the toasts of Mirsal Market, which has a considerable reputation in the vicinity of Kırklareli and Pınarhisar, with the sausages produced in the village and the toasts he makes without roasting.

Serdar Mırsal, who makes delicious toasts with his 65-year-old mother, Hakime Mırsal, first heats the bread and then cooks the roast. Expressing that the machine is another trick to be angry, Serdar Mırsal is also very assertive in the homemade pickles he serves with the toast. Before I forget… Cheese & Tomato Toast is definitely worth a try.

Venue Name : Mirsal Market

Address : Erenler Village – Pınarhisar / KIRKLARELİ

Telephone: 0288 665 82 62 / 0541 730 66 96

Contact Person : Sardar Mırsal

Featured Taste: Roasted Cheddar Toast

Orkun AKMAN‘of Trakya Development Agency prepared in June 2019 in cooperation with Kirklareli Flavor Stops It has been moved to our pages with the permission of the author. AKMAN’s contribution to the whole work York on the Road available on the website.


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