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According to the news of Voice of America, 290 kilograms of heroin was seized on a ship from Santos Port, Brazil, whose route is Marmara Ereğli. After the capture of 242 kilograms of heroin on the same route on July 31, 2022, the question “Is Thrace, the new shipping center for cocaine after the Mersin Port was deciphered?” comes the question.

According to the news of VOA Turkish, the narcotics teams, who boarded the ship anchored in Santos Port, called the divers on suspicion that drugs were being carried in a compartment in the ship’s hull but below the water level and used to collect water on the ship.

The cocaine, which was found as a result of the divers’ search in the compartment, which the authorities said was very difficult to access, was seized by the Brazilian Federal Police to investigate.

It was stated that the cocaine seized as a result of the operation carried out by the federal police, Brazilian Navy and Federal Revenue Service to prevent international drug trafficking, was kept in bales.


The Port of Santos, the largest port in Latin America, is often the scene of similar drug operations.

Experts for Santos Port, where 17 tons of cocaine were seized in 2021, according to official data, emphasize that it is one of the important centers for transporting cocaine produced in South America to Europe and Asia.

On July 31, 2022, at the Martaş Port in Marmaraereğlisi, narcotics teams seized 242 kilograms of cocaine in 200 packages during a search by divers aboard the dry cargo ship that left Brazil.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said on Twitter, “May Allah protect us from the evil eye. Another successful drug operation” with the note, “Police and Coast Guard; He carried out an operation in Tekirdağ Port today for the commercial ship he has been following for a month. He caught 242 kg of cocaine”.

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