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The Republican People’s Party Kapaklı District Presidency issued a press release in front of the Çerkezköy Courthouse and stated that they filed a criminal complaint regarding the false stamp allegations against KENTAŞ, a subsidiary company of Kapaklı Municipality.

Speaking at the press conference held in front of the courthouse, CHP Kapaklı District President Erdinç Yılmaz said, “We are trying to fulfill the duty of opposition given to us by the people of Kapaklı on March 31, 2019 as much as we can. In the first year, together with the members of the municipal council, we asked for information about the income and expense table of KENTAŞ. They said that there is an income of 150 thousand TL and an expense of 250 thousand TL. We asked again in 2021, they said 250 thousand TL income, 500 thousand TL expense. When we asked in 2022, we were told that income and expense were not given and that fixtures were purchased. KENTAŞ seems to be a company that has always made a loss, but for some reason, KENTAŞ seems to have received all the tenders and direct procurement. KENTAŞ operates from the Country Wedding Hall to the Ali Baba Park, to the shanty house built by killing the greenery in Çamlık. KENTAŞ is named after the facility, which was established by stating that they would grow mushrooms. Are we importing mushrooms to Europe and meeting the needs of Kapaklı? We did not see a mushroom, we did not see a service.

In the 2022 audit commissions, our municipal council members made an annotation about KENTAŞ. KENTAŞ took all the direct procurement and it was recorded in the minutes by saying that all bidders are the same. Let’s come to the news in Havadis Newspaper. According to the news, a person who had previously worked at KENTAŞ claimed that 270 fake stamps were produced and these stamps were used in the upcoming inspections. Although this is a claim, it needs to be investigated. Since the answers we received from the proposals did not satisfy us, we are in front of the courthouse to express our complaint about this issue.

KENTAŞ was established as an agricultural joint-stock company when it was first established, unfortunately, it carries out very different works in very different lanes today. He has been involved in contracting and even real estate business. We are here to re-audit this company as soon as possible, to detect all the criminal data and punish the criminals. Here, regardless of the political colors, it is necessary to be on the side of the truth. As CHP, we will file a criminal complaint against KENTAŞ.

As every year, 2 of our council members are at the head of the audit commission this year. The sensitivity of our friends in the audit commission regarding this incident has increased, retrospective examinations will be made.

Mustafa Çetin has no right to declare that he is not aware of this issue, he is also among the founders. After our statement today and the documents we will submit to the prosecutor’s office, KENTAŞ management will probably change. At the first council meeting, we are considering making a proposal to close KENTAŞ through our council members in order not to drive us into bankruptcy.”

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