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The Altekin family, which has been holding on to a different flavor for many years in the Pınarhisar district of Kırklareli, where there are businesses that are mostly famous for meatballs and various red meat products, have been making a name for themselves with their meat doner for more than 20 years.

The most distinctive feature of Karadeniz Pide & Döner Hall, which is a family-run business from Çorum, has been prepared, seasoned and served by the same master since 1986.

After serving in various parts of Thrace, the meats selected from the best part of the veal by Yusuf Usta, the 33-year-old master of Karadeniz Pide & Döner Hall, which has been offering this unique flavor to the people of Pınarhisar for 20 years, are served to the taste of the customers after being kept in a dressing sauce carefully prepared by Yusuf for a day. .
It goes without saying that the meat is made from one hundred percent beef.

Lamb fat, which is added to the meat in small amounts, is another trick of the taste. The company, which is very ambitious in pide with cheddar and cheddar, is also worth a try, with pita with cheddar added on doner kebab and cooked in a closed oven and served.

Karadeniz Pide & Doner Restaurant

Address : Orta Mahalle Salih Binmez Caddesi No: 34 Pınarhisar / KIRKLARELİ

Telephone: 0288 615 24 98

Contact Person : Aaron Altekin

Orkun AKMAN‘of Trakya Development Agency prepared in June 2019 in cooperation with Kirklareli Flavor Stops It has been moved to our pages with the permission of the author. AKMAN’s contribution to the whole work York on the Road available on the website.


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