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Thrace on the edge of Istanbul, especially the Strandjas section, has become a place of refreshment for those who have been overwhelmed by the chaos of the city in recent years, and to steal beautiful moments from life, even if they are short. Add to this the crowds falling on the roads from nearby settlements…

In order to attract such crowds and to make it permanent, the region should offer you reasons. Sea sand Sun; a deep green forest, a clean atmosphere, calm and clean water sources; a rich history, culture and human tissue…

You can list the reasons you can think of for leaving, one after the other. Some of these may be limiting you with seasonal conditions. But there is a reason we haven’t mentioned above, that the moment you think of it and your tongue sticks to your palate, love to the one who can stop you! Thrace flavor stops…

Kartalkaya Country Restaurant; 12 years later again…

It seems that the studies and promotional activities carried out in the field of tourism in the region in recent years have started to bear fruit. An important pillar of studies in this direction is undoubtedly based on the gastronomic values ​​of the region. There is a very serious crowd that does not want to hit the road for the tastes of the region, especially in order to taste these delicacies in a calm nature. The venues opened one after another in the region in order to evaluate this potential correctly are an indicator of this.

One of these places is located right on the outskirts of Strandja; A village that has made a name for itself with its nature, culture and human texture. Poyraliopened in the beginning of summer; Kartalkaya Country Restaurant

Kartalkaya Country Restaurant In fact, it is not a new place. In fact, it would be appropriate to say that it is one of the first serious examples of rural restaurants in the region. Ali Osman Yapıcıoğlu, a businessman from Pınarhisar, ran this place, which he built for his own pleasure about 15 years ago, as a country restaurant for a while. Yapıcıoğlu, who has signed important housing works in the region, has a contribution in every corner of this place, from its construction to its landscaping.

However, this occupation did not last long due to the workload he experienced and the difficulties of operating such a place in village settlements for that period. 12 years ago, he removed the place from operating as a country restaurant and turned it into a place where he took shelter from time to time to rest his head.

Kartalkaya Camellias&GardenKartalkaya Country RestaurantWith the effect of positive developments in tourism in the region, it was put into service at the beginning of the summer of 2016. The owner of the place, Yapıcıoğlu, who put a name he trusts at the head of the business, seems to have revealed that he wants the place to be long-lasting this time.

Kartalkaya Country RestaurantPinarhisar district Poyrali village It is located on the Igneada road within its borders. After the Igneada road exit of the village, all of them are 1 km away, on the left side and you cannot miss it. Among the fertile fields irrigated by the Poyralı Stream on its shore, it immediately reveals itself with its greenery consisting of large walnut trees and linden trees. Not to mention the pleasant signboards promoting the place and shouting out the flavor…

The place, which sits on a few acres of land, surrounds you with its deep green from the moment you step into its garden. Under this green texture, so dense that the walnut and linden trees only allow the weak rays of the sun, there is a peace that makes you forget the traffic flowing on the busy road right next to it. If the chirping bird sounds do not leave this place, then you are at the right address.

KartalkayaInteriorKartalkaya Country Restaurant serves its guests with the integrity of the garden and indoor space. We do not think that anyone will prefer the interior if the weather conditions are suitable. Still, let’s say it for those who are interested; Kartalkaya Country Restaurant It has an interior for 52 people. The space, arranged along a long hall with tables on the left and right, provides natural light with endless window openings from which you can watch the garden. There is also a fireplace made for use during the winter months to add to the atmosphere of the place.

There is a large glass cooler located at one end of the interior. Here, products that enrich the cuisine’s menu, especially meat products, oscillate invitingly. The back of this section is considered as the service section. In particular, the grill and stone oven setups, where they can cook meat products, are positioned in this section that does not break away from the main space. This section is connected to the main kitchen section in the interior by a door.

Despite the smaller one inside, there is another large stone oven outside the venue. This oven has been especially designed to be used for roasting times and for tandoori dishes.

On the way to the garden of the place, hydrangea flowers with purple and pink colors accompany you. No matter how hot the weather, the garden is always fresh. Sometimes you may even feel a slight shudder that will require taking something on yourself. The sound of water mingles with the chirping of birds in the venue, which has a large ornamental pool positioned close to the middle. At the other end of the garden, there is a small children’s entertainment area for children.


of the garden Poyrali The camellias, which are positioned in rows on the face facing the creek, are accompanied by country tables arranged under walnut trees at a distance that will not disturb other tables. The garden is arranged to host 200 people. With the tables that can be placed under the porch of the interior if desired, this number can be increased up to 250 people in the integrity of the garden.

Kartalkaya Country Restaurantcriticizing that it opened a bit too fast in order to catch up with the 2016 summer season, and for now, puts the usual products of meat cuisine in the foreground. They aim to welcome those who come with grills, meatballs and accompanying delicacies, and announce their opening, even if it’s word of mouth.

It has the following advantages: Poyrali village It is located on the main junction where all roads in Thrace connect to a tourism destination such as Igneada. This place can be seen as the very beginning of the road that rises towards the Strandjas, so to speak. The culture, nature and human texture of the village is the main reason why those who come to this region want to breathe, even if it is for a few hours. Most of the cultural tours must stop here and visit the famous beet molasses belonging to the village where local products can be found, especially Poyralı Local Products MarketHe wanders around, arranged like an ethnographic museum Poyralı Village Culture HouseHe visits Turkey, especially in October, with traditional methods in the pekmezhanes in the village. beet molasses can witness its production.


Request Kartalkaya Country Restaurant It offers you a resting place so you can do all these with its distance within walking distance. You can do all these while waiting for the preparation of delicacies that will cheer your palate. You can even take short walks to the shore of the Poyralı creek right next to the venue, to the boiling springs from the lower part of the place, to the vineyards on the slope of this stream bed with the view of the Strandja Mountains, to the sunflower fields right next to the makan and to the famous sugar beet fields of the region; Here you can share the hospitable conversations of the labored agricultural workers.

Moreover, the flavor stops from Poyralı in the direction of İğneada can be quite crowded, especially in summer. Therefore Kartalkaya Country Restaurant You can also evaluate it as the right option for the peace and taste you are looking for.

Kartalkaya Country RestaurantThe products used in . For example; Meats are procured from Sergen butchers, who have made a name for themselves with their delicacy, who are skilled in village butchers and who know how to process meat well. Tomatoes, peppers, vegetables PoyraliIt is procured from the villagers of Turkey, who know agriculture well and grow products with traditional methods as much as possible. Poyrali villageOf course, we should not forget the famous wood bread of Turkey. There is such meticulousness in this matter that; operators of the venue; “We even bring our boiling water in the teapot from the well-known Balkan springs on the Yeniceköy ridge, 15-20 km away.” says. Self-criticizing that they are opening fast in order to catch up with the summer season causes them to spread the enrichment they desire in the menu over time; He adds that they aim to prepare delicacies such as goat-lamb tandoori and roast beef in a stone oven in the future, but they plan to serve it in the spring months, when these delicacies are at their best.

Kartalkaya Camellias

A place where you can come with family and grandchildren with a peace that appeals to the family. Kartalkaya Country Restaurant. You can have breakfast at the venue from 10.30 on weekdays and from 9.30 on weekends. For other tastes, you can also make your payments by using a credit card in the open place until late at night. It is possible to park your vehicles at both ends of the garden opening to the main road and on the side road in the garden that connects the two.

Kartalkaya Country Restaurant It offers you a pleasant environment for mass meals and special celebrations. It is the right address to host your guests with its green texture and its peaceful texture among the chirping of birds.


Address : On Igneada Road, 1st Km / Poyrali Village-Pınarhisar

Tel : (0288) 665 8256


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